Thanos's Personal log - Episode 34

I’ve mixed feelings on coming to The hall of Chaos again. The last time I came here I lost my entire crew to the extreme games of this station. Still I am exhilarated and wanting to play. I can still taste the victory of winning millions the last time I was here and I am hoping to repeat that performance.

After getting settled on the station I parted company with Matt and Karr to try out some of the games. I lost a bunch of money right away but really wasn’t upset about it. I asked permission to go play in the shooting lanes and though I got a little shot up I made a fair amount of money pretty quickly. The wheels of doom as Oslo used to call them were beckoning me but I maintained my will power to avoid them. I keep wondering when the station proprietor is going to invite me or one of the guys to a game of dice. That is where the real money is but also the real danger too.

I took the Nelson Away team out for a night on the town, paying for all of their drinks and food. I thought I made an impression on Ilsa and decided to go in for the kill. She shot me down in seconds but I sensed that if there was not danger in this place I may have gotten somewhere with her. The Vulcan chicks were kind of annoying me with their judgmental gazes but they never said a word of discouragement. Tom was getting real into Jo and I wonder how that is going to affect Matt.

The days seemed to blur as the gaming became more intense. I passed Matt a few times and he seemed truly at ease, happy even. Karr was mellow as well which is very strange. I was getting to feel that we would never get to game together when I had an idea. I grabbed the two of them off the dance floor and told them that I was ready to play a real game. I asked if they were in. They said lets go and even brought some friends, including a guy named Zaphod who claimed to be president of the Galaxy.

We went to the Arena and faced off against a pack of 60 Grint Hounds. I of course bet on us to win with no losses and we won without even taking a wound. I was feeling good and called out “Double or Nothing” and we heard a voice in our heads say, “Doubledown is double doomed and double hard”. Then the pack came flying in on us but this time there was over 100 of them. The fighting was fierce and bloody. Matt leapt onto the pile of dead hounds from the first fight and used them for cover as he blasted away with his hand cannon. Karr went in with his Bat’leth and cut a swath right through the vicious beasts. Zaphod and the others formed a circle and blasted away in every direction with all sorts of guns. My job was directing the action and taking out any that broke the lines. I watched Karr get bit in his leg and take a nasty wound. Matt was knocked off his pile and tumbled hard to the ground as one of the mooks who joined us was knocked off of his feet only to land on Matt’s chest. Zaphod put on some kind of eye visor that was black as the night and he shot his little pistol in every direction. I think he nicked Karr with one of his shots and I am certain he failed to hit a single beast. Throughout all of this I was running from person to person, lashing with my whip and driving the beasts back so that one of my allies could take the glory for the kill. We won but it was a hard fight.

After getting paid they all went off to party some more and I decided to take a break and rest. Later I would go through the station checking out the sites and spending some hours staring into the singularity in the observatory lounge. It was here that I met Henry. He looks like some borgified monster but is really a righteous guy. I invited him to join my crew and he accepted without reservation. His only concern was that I allow him to “blast meatbags” on occasion.

When I next ran into Karr he took me to see Matt who had joined forces with a couple of girls who wanted to play chaos chess. I was all for it. I had plaid this game before and knew it was dangerous but offered magnificent rewards. The winners get RNA modification and the losers die in a bloody somewhat explosive manner. We of course won but it was closer than I would have liked. Now I have no idea where things will take us but I am looking forward to our next game. I hope it is with the proprietor.

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 34

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