Thanos's Personal log - Episode 33

Again life takes a strange turn. I find myself now working with a Starfleet crew and it feels good to work with professionals. While I enjoy Karr and Matt from time to time, I do get tired of all the emotional outbursts and stubbornness. It is like trying to order a drink in a Tellarite bar. The bartender will argue with you that you ordered it wrong, fight with you over payment, and then serve you the wrong drink three times before getting it right. That is how dealing with Matt and Karr is. It is frustrating to say the least.

The good thing is that Matt apologized to the Bolian officer and made peace with the Nelson crew. We began to explore the ruins and discovered several manuscripts that had many frightful and disturbing images on them. Matt seemed to make connections to things that the insane slit, Eight, supposedly told him and Karr. Alyr seemed bored, as was I during this phase of the exploration. Finally we discovered some 18-meter tall dead aliens that looked remarkably human. I had never seen a living sapient being of this size but I had heard of such titans from the myths of Andoria. Karr got to work on their giant computer consoles and patched in controls and translation to the shuttle.

While he was working I was eyeing the Andorian officer that was apart of the away team. I saw a shadow of movement near her but wasn’t close enough to see details. Next thing I know a firefight erupts and Karr and Alyr end up taking her down. They claimed she was attacked and controlled by some kind of flying carrot. The Vulcan medic from the Nelson worked on her and pulled something out of her ass. It looked like a carrot of sorts with wings and legs. I am now realizing how silly this story sounds but it is true. A flying carrot attacked and took over the mind of one of us. What the hell are these carrot aliens and what do they want.

Everyone got to work on different things and I was bored so I explored on my own for a while. I found what looked like an armory for giants. It was a room full of rifles and body armor but all the weapons were massive. I found a case of what I think are grenades too. I manage to fit one in my backpack but had to dump most of the supplies to do so. If it is a grenade it will make a great bomb if I need it.

Well the long and short of things is that we got attacked by aliens, won, and then the ship took us to the gamma and after a repeat, to the delta quadrant. I suggested we go visit the Hall of Chaos since we appeared to be in the Hynerian Empire. I hope these guys can handle the kind of excitement this place has to offer. Last time I was here, I lost my entire crew to the crazy games.

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 33

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