Thanos's Personal log - Episode 30

Trying to catch up with Karr proved problematic. He wanted to run off after his sexy little input and try make her see him for the Klingon he thinks she wants. Idiots abound in the Klingon Empire. I spoke with Matt about the situation that Cutter had gotten into. He told me about some hunter called “The Ghost” and how he had kidnapped one of Cutter’s girls. I didn’t place the name when he told me but later realized that the kidnapped scentslut was a famous porn star gone legit. Terrible waste of green flesh if you ask me. Matt said they would be a while so I headed down to Drozana and dove deep into the bowels of that cesspool. I discovered that The Ghost or Tyrone as his friends called him, was a hunter who had a vendetta against some snitch that fraked his life up. I gather from conjecture that Cutter is the snitch. I am not going to have to be extra careful in case there is any truth to that. I pray there isn’t but from what I hear, you don’t get out of Penal Colonies unless you snitch. Karr and Cutter both claimed to have escaped Denchar but I wonder if there is more to the story now. I digress and should return to the story. Tyrone was apparently buying up Talarian Hook Spiders and traveling with a scentslut, perhaps this Becky Cutter was looking for. He also was hooking up with some Gorn thugs. I like Gorn so I was kind of looking forward to the fight when it came down. Maybe I could pit my Gorn buddies against Tyrone’s.

Eventually I heard the news of the vermin infestations so I hired a Ferengi Extermination Company to handle the cleaning of the Nyalarthotep. I think they are ripping me off and I may just have them spaced before all is said and done. Then I hooked up with the Glory Road and we headed towards some dismal swamp world to play Tyrone’s game. Cutter talked us into just going it with only him, me, and Matt. I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to see the Gorn battle but it was his game, not mine.

Within five minutes of beaming down I was ready to shoot Cutter. The sissy was whining about the bugs, the muck, and damned near everything. He even told me I wasn’t good enough to lead the way and then went and got us lost. I was steaming but kept my cool. I knew that Tyrone and his Gorn buddies were out there and that we were vulnerable. We found a large clearing with a stupid looking colonial hut out in the middle of it. I fraking hate colonists and the thought of being ambushed while walking up to a colonial hut was really pissing me off. After some conversation it was decided that Matt and myself would flank the clearing while Cutter would make a run for the hut. I made my move and vanished into the swampy jungle. I got to a point where I could see inside the hut and I spotted a Gorn lying in wait. I tried the comms to give Cutter a warning but they were being jammed. Then I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and I saw Cutter flying like a superhero right at the hut. He landed on top and suddenly all hell broke loose. Gunfire erupted from the canopy of the jungle and trained attack animals broke from the edge of the clearing. Gorn then started coming out of the hut. I don’t mean one but about a dozen of them.

The attack dogs must have spotted me as the turned my way and charged. I shot two and dove for cover just as the sniper took a shot at me. The shot was so close it burned the crotch right out of my pants. The attack animals were on me and biting the crap out of me. I fell down and they just latched on like vices. The snipe took another shot at me but lucky for my one of the mutts jumped in the path of the shot. When he yelped and ran off the other beasts let me go and followed him. I stood up and started shouting after them, challenging them to return but the just left. Then I notice the Gorn had spotted me. They were coming across the field when on had his head explode. I ducked for cover as another sniper shot narrowly missed me and I raised my gun and shot back. I forgot to change the setting and the wide beam shot cleared the jungle creating a nice wide opening for the sniper. He nailed me with the next shit but the hit was ineffective. I looked for where he was and spotted a holoblind. I used them in the Chaka Force alot so finding it was not too difficult. I changed the setting on my phaser to setting 12 and took aim. Just as I pulled the trigger the sniper nailed me right along the left side of my rib cage. Pain flared up and it felt like I had been hit with a hot poker. My shot was true and the holoblind exploded. I then took another shot at the base of the tree that the blind was in and watched as the tree erupted into a thousand splinters and the blind fell crashing to the ground.

I turned to face the impending doom that the Gorn were bringing to me and they were gone. I don’t know where they went but they were just gone. Cutter and Matt had taking care of business on their end so I headed to the blind and pulled the dead body of Tyron, The Ghost out of it. I chopped his head off and put it on a long spear I made from a branch. Then I wrote on the ruined wall of the blind, “THANOS” in his blood. Cutter would ID the head and he did save the girl. All in all, not a bad day.

We then went to a secret Syndicate Shadow Repository. Apparently someone stole 29 million latinum from Cutter. I don’t see how it works but cutter is hiring a private eye to help out. Now we are on Citadel and hopefully gearing up to seek out this Templar Treasure. .

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 30

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