Thanos's Personal log - Episode 29

With our memories on the frazwats I felt that is was time to clear our heads. While Karr, Cutter, and Matt went off to do whatever, I setup drills and ran the crew through their paces. We took turns running simulations with the Vipers and Shuttles, staged boarding repulsion drills, and I had the engineers run a level one diagnostics on each and every component of the ship. We also ran a complete ship wide scan to detect intruders and stowaways. Last thing we did was hire a bunch of space hands to clean and paint the entire ship’s outer hull. I was so caught up with all of this that I had forgotten about our passenger.

Salma is a beauty to behold but with the steamy tension I keep sensing from Obdulia I understood that I had best keep them apart. Forgetting that Salma was on board was a mistake I should not have made. While I did well to keep Obdulia and the rest of the crew busy we missed that Salma had recovered and was up and about. I first got wind of things when Dis came up to me and said, “The passenger looks pissed”. I was trying to figure out who the fraking passenger was when she went on, “She is up in ops using the subspace transceiver and talking to some pinkie on Khitomer. Based on what I overheard the pinkie thinks we kidnapped our illustrious passenger and murdered her bodyguards. I don’t remember ever going to Khitomer but my brain is fuzzy and I am concerned. Did we do this boss?” I had no answer as my memory is failing too. I ordered Dis to get me a copy of all the logs for the crew for the past two weeks. She got on it and I went and reviewed my own log. Now it appears we were on Khitomer but it looks like we went to rescue Salma. So how the frak did we end up getting accused of kidnapping her.

I then went and scanned news from the Khitomer sector and discovered that six women who worked for Salma were indeed killed by an unknown Klingon, two humans, and an unknown alien. What the frak?!? I am not sure what I should do so I need to talk to Karr and see what he remembers. I hope it is only my memory that is fraked up.

Later I went down to Drozana to see if there was any fallout from this so called kidnapping and I was hoping to find Karr or Matt or someone. I noticed a large number of Klingons on the station, but since we are in the Klingon Empire, I guess that is normal. The damned lights in the station keep flickering and this was giving me a hell of a headache. Then this big ass Klingon comes up to me and starts asking about Cutter. He started pushing me a bit and we ended up getting into a brawl. I know I am big, strong, and pretty kick ass but this guy was picking me up and smashing me through the tables like I was a little girl. Finally some security guys broke it up and the guy said, “Tell Cutter that Marr Duke is looking for him.” I wiped the blood away from my mouth and just went back to my ship.

Salma was waiting for me. She had hundreds of questions and I had no answers. She wants me to take her to Khitomer and I told her she could pay or get a ride with Karr, or go down to the station and hire someone else. She drilled me with a look that could kill a Gorn. Obdulia would later tell me that “the bitch” had left the ship. I guess I should get on the comm. and try to reach Karr. Where the frak is he now?

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 29

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