Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 28

We went to some sleazy bar and spoke with a friend of Matt’s about getting some new shoes. While there I noticed they had Liberi Fatali on the menu. I had heard of this drink and always wanted to give it a try. They say it kills 9 out of 10 who drink it. The drink is actually three deadly poisons served in three shot glasses. They must be drank in rapid succession. If not consumed quick enough the drink’s components do not neutralize the toxins of each other and death results. When Matt and Karr saw me order they ordered the same thing and we made a bet. He who drinks the slowest buys the others a bottle of the most expensive thing on the menu. Well I got to tell you the first shot was rough as it tasted like ass. The second shot was like a shot of lightning hitting you in the balls. The last shot was the kicker and it nearly blinded me. The bartender said we drank the shots in record speed. Matt did his in 3.1 second, me at 3.0 seconds, and Karr who won did it in 2.8 second.

Matt screamed and threw his last shot glass at some foolie who came walking into the bar. It hit the guy in his eye and shattered spraying blood everywhere. We all started laughing as the guy fell on the floor and I jumped up and ran over and started kicking him. Then someone shot the guy with a stun blast and when I looked up I see that fraking cowboy Matt grinning at me as he shot me. I was pissed but sucked it up. Later I would bust a bottle over that fraking Gha’Rudh’s head. Again I get ahead of myself.

Then Matt dragged the foolie out in the hall and him and Cutter snurched the guy of his money and boots. Finally we got down to the business of figuring out what we were going to do. Looked alot like Lira’s Fortress was going to be our next stop.

What started out as looking like a great idea seems to have been sidetracked in order for that frelling twitch, Karr to go see that sexy Betazoid supermodel. Matt brought up having a gang bang on her and got me and Cutter to go along for the trip just for the fun that idea might ensure. Karr seemed open to it to but later would turn into a total prick and declare his love for her, thus ruining any chance of getting what we came for. I am getting ahead of myself.

We traveled to the Klingon capitol and she wasn’t there, then we traveled to another backwater Klingon world, this one being some kind of hub for diplomatic missions. I agreed to stay on board while Matt, Karr, Cutter, and Thuku beamed down to see the woman. Just before they beamed away, Obdulia pulled Matt aside and insisted on a talk. After they were gone I asked her what was up and she said that Matt had agreed to assassinate the Betazoid so that Obdulia could lock up her position as Karr’s woman. I got a laugh out of that.

Moment after they beamed out, R’shee detected a mass solar ejection and I ordered the ship to move behind the planet. Minutes later it struck the planet disabling the planetary shields and knocking several of the other ships in orbit for a loop. I moved the Nyalarthotep back to our original position and ordered the team, along with the Betazoid, beamed up. Apparently a bunch of standing orders were already in place as they had already been brought aboard. Those frellniks are always vulcanizing everything they do. We lit out of there at maximum impulse and as soon as we were clear enough to jump to warp we were gone.

When I asked how things went I was informed that Karr had broken the Betazoid’s (what’s her frelling name?) arm and smashed her ribs and he had been stabbed. I am not sure what happened but who really cares. We got the bitch so mission accomplished. Matt ported us to Drozana Station and Alyr invited all the crew to a huge party. I think I will have a blast at this party as they are serving some new drink, I didn’t catch the name. I will log the details tomorrow.


Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 28

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