Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 27

I rarely understand my friends. They have strange ideas and when they speak of the things they want, they rarely follow through. They get distracted very easily and leave me trying to figure out what the actual plan is. I think that we should set up a command structure and a name for our band of cut throats but who knows if the group agrees with that idea or not. With four ships between us and crews to match, we have a fighting force that would rival a Starfleet Marine Platoon. I am proud to be the captain of such a group and can’t wait to see how they will grow into a better, more cohesive unit. Leadership is the only thing we lack and perhaps it is time for us to develop some.

We were on Drozana Station and the damned flickering lights were giving me a splitting headache. I bought a bunch of gear for my crew at the gun show and was thinking about how we could raid that mining colony when Matt tells me we are raiding some rich people near Risa. He and Karr had worked up a plan to attack a cruise liner full of politicians and celebrities. Sounded good to me so I piped in and we hashed out an attack plan. That is when Cutter showed up and he too joined the assault team.

We traveled to about four light years from Risa and cloaked. Then we waited and when the target appeared we launched a fast attack and crippled the ship. A second ship was inbound and we realized we had about an hour. Once we boarded the Olympus Queen, we moved quickly and took control of security and engineering. Eventually the team Matt lead took the bridge. The Captain put up a fight and died like a merchant. The some guy claimed he was next in command so we asked him to surrender and he did. Then we looted the ship but it turned out to be cruise ship set up to carry cargo. All the sets, props, etc needed to film a real high end movie. We looted a fair amount but time was running short and we had to deal with ship number two. That ship turned out to be the one we wanted and they surrendered without firing a shot at us.

The Olympus King was nearly identical in size, structure, etc and the Olympus Queen but had one major difference, it had the entire cast of “T&A: Call Girl of Cthulhu” onboard. I had to ask what the T&A stood for and Matt told me “Tentacles and Ass” which made me laugh. I took over the salvage/looting operation while Matt and Cutter handled the people and Karr took overwatch. About an hour and half later we were underway. We saw seven blips on the sensors and realized they were coming in for the distress calls. We beat tail and got out of there.

Now we are on Citadel and selling the loot. I guess Alyr wants to keep the movie stuff and we figure we will get a cut of the movie when made. Well now I am off to the Temple of Delight to make it with those Lady Gaga temple whores. I think I may have found religion in that place. Maybe I will do like Cate and convert to Gagaism.


Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 27

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