Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 26

The new ship is better than I expected. When I think of Ferengi, I never think of good engineering, but this ship is a dream. The only real complaint I have about it is that it is so big that I feel like I am walking on a ghost ship half the time. Twenty-two decks and 32 people on board. It is very vacant. The normal 450+ crew has all been automated and the ship can run effectively with only 30. That doesn’t give me enough people to run the dozen fighters but we can always recruit new people. I forgot to mention that the ship had been heavily modified to be a carrier and has two of the largest hangers I have ever seen. With the addition of a landing platform for Karr’s ship, we make an impressive appearance.

Now I thought we would be heading after the Templar gold but Matt wanted to go meet some princess who was organizing a scientific mission. He offered to pay for us to go as guests to a high-class fund raiser, so I said lets go. Now these high class things are full of tiny servings of strange foods that don’t taste very good. Everyone is wearing tight fitting outfits and look like props in a bad play. I brought R’Shee as my date but she understood that we were going to work the room. We moved through the crowds, listening to the wealthy as they talked about the many things they owned. We learned about the Tornados Freighting Company and how they carry huge shipments of Dilithium to the new colonies in the Uncharted Territories. We heard all about Damnation Commodities and the vast amounts of Firegems they have been mining on the Mudder World. We even learned about that Hanwa Arms was building a secret factory on Katratzi and that the prisoners were being trained to build the weapons and to be some kind of super army for the Peacekeepers. Overall it was a good night.

Following the event we headed out for Drozana Station where we attended an Arms Show and everyone bought new guns. I got myself a real nice Borg Prosthesis that had been converted into a rifle of sorts. The Nausicaan who sold it to me, said that it had been ripped off an Elite Tactical Borg. When we were done our business we then moved on Grenga Tharg to see Karr’s uncle.

Arriving at Grenga Tharg we found ourselves in the middle of a space battle that spanned the entire system. I think that there must have been over one-thousand ships in the fight. Karr’s pilot tried to detach without talking to me first and nearly ripped a whole in our hull but I grabbed the stick and pulled us out of trouble. Then I took the Nyalarthotep through a flight of fighters, dodging disrupter and blaster fire like a pro. It was great to be back in a fight. I love the feel of a ship under my control when the heat is on. Torpedoes and ray fire was flying all around and Matt was looking real pale. I ordered the ship on a collision course for the nearby moon as Matt pointed out that another moon was shooting at us. The crew had been briefed on the use of our holoprojection cloaking system. As we flew at the moon, we deployed the system and the shields dropped. The projection of the ship exploding was seen by anyone watching us but in reality we were slamming on the brakes and landing on the moon. Then the projection was altered to make us look like the blasted surface of the moon and we entered a silent operation mode. I told Matt to keep his crew off the comm lines and to make sure that nothing other than auxiliary power was running.

We waited and watched the battle for several hours and prayed that no stray missiles hit us. A few close calls but nothing bad happened. We heard Karr calling us on comms but we remained silent and played dead. After two hours we saw Karr’s ship light out of the system and head back towards the Klingon Empire. Eventually Matt worked out the calculations to port us a sector away and ahead of Karr based on his last known trajectory. We were close to 19 light years ahead of Karr and had to head back to hook up with him.

He had acquired his Uncle who was apparently a real hard ass. With burns over 90% of his body, he still had the strength of will to berate Karr and provoke him. Finally Karr decided to undergo some dumb ass ritual to cleanse his honor. Us Andorians have real Honor and not this fake honor that can be earned through a ritual but I played along as Karr is my friend. Twenty of us lined up and had to shock him with painsticks. Karr looked to be in agony but he continued through the gauntlet. When he got to Obdulia she held the stick on him extra long and he took it. She was gritting her teeth and appeared to be enjoying every moment of this. When Karr got to me and Matt we looked and each other and nodded. Then we gave it to him and we held it longer than anyone before us. Karr’s iron will finally gave out and he screamed in agony for the first time. That scream seemed to invigorate him as he stood up and walked proudly up to his uncle and gripped the blade of the knife his uncle held forth. Karr gripped the blade with all of his strength as his uncle pulled it towards him and slit Karr’s hand to the bone. Karr’s uncle smiled and said, “You have restored your honor, Karr of House Karkor.” I think I got that right.

The long and short of it is that we are now back on Drozana and Karr got the thing his uncle was holding for him. I guess he will tell us about it at the bar so I better get going. I still don’t see how this restored his honor or even understand how his honor was tarnished but then again I really don’t care. Being Andorian, I understand that honor is held in the heart and shown through your deeds. I hope Karr understands that as well but he is Klingon and Klingons, much like humans, view honor differently than us Andorians.


Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 26

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