Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 25

After one year it was time to get back together with my old friends. I realized that I had grown alot in that year and that through constant exposure; I had even overcome my dislike of humans. They still smell like dren but I can get past the smell now. I had a crew with a human woman named Obdulia as my first officer. I gave the crew shore leave on DS9 as I went to meet my good buddies. Karr and Matt showed up but Alyr and Thuku failed to make the date. We caught up on things and each of spent a moment or two bragging about our deeds.

Eventually the talk turned towards piracy and then moved onto treasure hunting. Matt had a crewmate that knew something of treasures and he told of a mountain gold stolen from Earth by the Puppeteers. He also told us to talk to one of the Bajoran Veddeks that knows about such things and we did. Next thing I know we are heading to Ferenginaar to check out the rumors. Enroute, Obdulia hooked up with Karr. I think that is the first woman I have ever seen Karr take an interest in. All this time I was certain he was gay but maybe he is just taking a walk on the wild side.

When we got to Ferenginaar we had to deal with Sebaceans. I like Sebaceans; they understand order and have awesome style. They have, by far, the best uniforms in the galaxy. If they weren’t so xenophobic, I could see joining them. As I understand it, a coup had taken place and the Sebaceans were running some kind of puppet as the new leader of the Ferengi peoples. It didn’t affect out business so we just paid the taxes and moved on. Once Planetside we had to negotiate with a crime lord for information. He was called the Librarian but in his presence we were told to call him Grand Mullah. Well this fraker knew alot and had a huge library filled with old school paper books. The place reeked of mildew. One book was a journal of sorts written by some famous human Templar name Malay or something like that. Matt translated most of what he could and discovered this Malay cat was visited by Puppeteers whom he called angels. These angels instructed him during some great war on Earth and aided him at becoming the leader of a powerful military order that created a Ferengi-like banking system. Eventually the local religious cult got greedy and tried to wipeout these Templar so the Puppeteers transported them to Fenginaar where they taught the Ferengi about their banking system. Now, hundreds of years later the Ferengi are the richest and greediest bastards in the galaxy. This is a prime example of why Starfleet has the Prime Directive.

Well to make a long story short, with the aid of the Librarian, we found a secret chamber with a control pylon. This Pylon gave us galactic coordinates to a couple of places so off we go to see where it all leads. I really hope that mountain of gold is a mountain of Gold Pressed Latinum. I will be real disappointed if it is only gold.


When I returned to my ship it was gone. I was asking myself what the frak when Obdulia contacted me and told me that she took the initiative and sold the ship. I turned purple I was so angry. Then she told me that she had negotiated with a crazy woman and made the deal of a lifetime, she bought us a D’kora Marauder that had been modded out to be a small carrier. I asked how she expected us to crew such a huge ship and she told me the new ship was mostly automated and we could handle it with existing personel. I am not sure how I feel about the bitch selling my Romulan war ship for a Ferengi warship but I guess I will find out. So far the ship seems nice. Roomy, comfortable, and it even has a holocasino on board that is run by Leeta, a hologram of the Grand Nagus’s Bajoran wife. She is fiesty and fun and is addictive as hell.

Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 25

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