Obdulia's Personal Log - Episode 31

The captains had beamed down to Rog and left orders for us to stay in orbit and monitor the situation. It was looking like another boring day. R’shee and Braz both spoke at the same time, “What the Frak is that!” I told them to put in on screen and saw a very larger ship moving at close to light speed. We attempted to hail but the ship failed to respond. I ordered yellow alert and the shields went up. Moments later the ship opened fire on us. The barrage of tetryon blasts stripped the shields like a a hot knofe through butter. I messaged the captain and ordered a quick retreat. The ship gave chase, matching our speed while still firing on us. I dont know how they were able to use their weapons at warp 9 but they could. We had no choice but to turn and fight.

The unknown ship

Braz isnt as good as Thanos on the stick but he is not bad. We lit into the enemy with everything we had but when facing a ship that is more than 40km long, you dont expect to win. Eponet repoprted from engineering that the warp drive was knocked off line as well as life support. At the same moment the ship shopped attacking and just left. What a load of dren.

I ordered the teams to start on the repairs and called over to Captain Toryn’s and Captain Carter’s ships. They also reported having lost their warp cores. Whatever that ship hit us with, did a damn damn on us all.

Several days later we were still having problems. We had gotten life support back but the warp cores are still dead. Eponit has no idea what hit us but it seems to have drained all the energy from our dilithium crystals. We are stuck using auxilary power and traveling at impulse speeds. I ordered the shuttles and fighters examained and they have the same issue. I am not happy.

A week into this ordeal and gunfire erupts in the Casino Lounge. I head up and find one of Captain Toryn’s men unconscious on the ground and one of Captain Carter’s men sitting on a stool with a serious wound in his side. Then I noticed the body of a woman on the floor. It was Six and she was destroyed or do you call it dead with droids. Cabeza del pene!!! I ordered both crew’s to return to their own ships for now. Apparently the two of these men had a tiff over who got to use the droid and the droid seems to have been playing them both. I figure to separate them for a few days and then things will get back to normal.

Onto other matters, we may have found a dilithium source. A planet nearby has some unussual radiation readings that are simular to those of dilithium. I am hoping for some luck. I wonder how Thanos and Karr are doing on Rog.

Obdulia's Personal Log - Episode 31

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