Matt's Personal Log - Episode 30

So we rescued Becky. All it took was sittin’ around for a day, waiting for Jasper the Casper to send us the coordinates for where the showdown would take place. When they came in, we popped over as soon as possible, taking less than a day for a journey that probably shoulda taken 2-3 days. If anything, that probably saved our lives, ‘cause according to what Trinity told me afterwards, the Ghost and his busters hadn’t quite set up for us when we showed up.

The planet was a swampy mess, teeming with alien lifeforms, most notably (to me at least) huge insects. The climate was hot and humid, like nothing else I’ve ever encountered; probably the reason for all the Gorn the Ghost had hired on. If you haven’t encountered a Gorn in combat, you should count yourself lucky; as a Human, every one of my instincts was telling me to run – after all, a Gorn could be equated to a velociraptor using guns and armor.

The Ghost had (we learned later) set up this part of the planet as his own private hunting preserve; he’d even stocked it with various lifeforms from around the galaxy for his hunting forays. Some of these creatures made an appearance as we trekked through the swamp – six-eyed furry snakes falling from trees, felinoid canine pack-hunting quadrapeds, and big honking spiders with hooks and poisons and stuff.

Eventually (I’m talkin’ about 6 hours later after being lost in the swamp) we found (substitute happened upon) Jasper’s clearing. About 100m in diameter, it had been cleared of all vegetation. A hunting lodge was in the center, where we were sure Becky was being kept. Alyr quickly came up with a plan – he’d charge forward while Thanos and I covered him (we were sure there was a sniper about, after all). I pointed out that he was asking me to cover him with a pistol at what would likely be a range avering 50m and that I’d have a hard time hitting a barn from the inside at half that range. Thanos pointed out that he and I could cirlce the clearing, flanking it from either side – that didn’t change the range issue for me, but I was tired of arguing, so off I went.

I don’t know what happened with the other guys; I got into position and was waiting patiently for Alyr to make his move when suddenly there was a blur of motion. I must’ve gotten heat stroke or something, ‘cause I blinked and Alyr was landing on top of the lodge (I don’t know where he dropped from, but there he was). Next thing, a horde of Gorn came running outta the lodge, firing their disrupters in all directions. A bolt from the sky hit Alyr in the chest, dropping him, so I opened fire myself. Surprisingly I hit, taking the poor sod’s head completely off (well, mostly completely).

I saw Alyr dropping to the ground from the roof but heard something(s) approaching from behind me. I got some cover and saw three Gorn running at me, along with Trinity. I shot one, and Trinity (with her quick-like-a-freak reflexes) took out the other two. She gave me a wry grin and suggested that we set about taking down the sensor jammers since Alyr and Thanos had the clearing well in hand (I found at later that well in hand wasn’t exactly the most accurate of descriptions).

Basically, there was a trio of jamming towers scattered about just outside the clearing which were jamming any sensors and communicators from working. Trinity and I took them down one by one, mostly due to her being recognized by the small contingents guarding them (and the fact that their own communicators weren’t working either). By the time we got back to the clearing, Alyr and Thanos had finished up.

Thanos (being Thanos) had mounted the Ghost’s head on a stake (now he was closer to his namesake than ever). Alyr had found Becky and had asked R’shee (mmmm) to transport down to help get her out of the restraints she was in. R’shee quickly did her job, I introduced Trinity to the guys, and then she headed for her ship while we transported back up to ours.

We got underway, satisfied on a job well done – only later, Becky tried to shoot Alyr in the back so Thanos had her stripped naked and put in a cell. Alyr got her out, but since he didn’t have any spare rooms, I put her in with Chani (who said she wouldn’t mind a roommate).

We’ve since gotten back to Citadel; Alyr’s been ripped off, so he’s in a mood – guess I would be too if someone had stolen close to 30 mega-credits from me. The pool among the crews has the culprit as being Thuku, but I don’t peg him as a thief (assassin yes, but thief? nah).

Next stop I’ve got planned is going to be Rog or Lira’s Fortress – just gotta figure out which is more pressing, clues about the treasure or some false IDs so I can have some measure of security when we hit foreign ports. ‘Course, with the crew I travel with, will false identification really matter? What’s the point in being John Doe if Thanos and Alyr are tellin’ everyone we meet who we are and what we do?

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 30

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