Matt's Personal Log - Episode 29

Well after asking the others, there’s still no light shed on the time we’ve all seem to have lost. (Last time I lost a stretch of time I’d been abducted and brought to this time and place – though everything still seems the same so far, so I don’t think that’s happened again.) After making sure nothing else was amiss, I set the crew to getting some work done and let them know that we’d be sticking around for a day or two while we got things settled. Then, as per what’s rapidly becoming our little tradition, me and the guys hit the bars in port.

Drinking’s drinking, so no news there, but Cutter keyed in on a card game going on in the bar when we got there. He was told he’d have to wait for an opening, and soon enough one came. The input leaving the game turned out to be a friend of his, and she mentioned some guy called the ‘ghost’ was looking for him; she also mentioned that he’d just left port a coupla days ago after bagging another bounty, another friend of Cutter’s. Of course he wanted to check up on it, but first he hit the card game. I’m pretty sure he lost a fortune and didn’t seem to miss it – that just reinforces the idea of hitting his vault some day. Meanwhile, me, Karr, and the rest enjoyed a pleasant night’s drinking, without being attacked or arrested for once.

Soon enough though, I was asked to pop us over to engage this Ghost dude. This meant we’d be taking Glory into the fray – not exactly something I was looking forward to, but I’d since learned that the friend taken by the hunter was Becky, that fine piece of Orion ass I’d briefly met on Quo’nos, so I was kinda looking forward to saving her and possibly getting some points on that front. Alyr brought Nox, his Krogan boarding specialist, while Karr brought one of his crew – Getty, Letty, or something like that. Glory’s not a huge ship or I’m sure they’d have brought more. (Where was Thuku you ask? Well, he’d hooked up with a gorgeous blonde at the bar and had taken off to do some unseemly things of his own!)

We popped in to the coordinates and were met with a sight to behold – some kind of space-faring lifeform had caught the Ghost’s ship in its maw and was slowly swallowing it. Scanning showed there were life signs aboard the ship – and the creature. My pad can only transport four, so Nox joined myself and the other two captains on the away mission. First stop was the brig where we encountered a Human, an Andorian, and a new race called a Luxan (from the Uncharted Territories out near Citadel). The Luxan only wanted a weapon so he could die well and the Andorian was haggling with Cutter about the terms of being rescued; the last dude wouldn’t shut up so I shut him up with a blast from my hand cannon (mental note – maybe think about naming her).

Eventually we gave the Luxan – his name’s Dargo – a weapon and agreed on terms with the Andorian – M’ovak – although we’d later learn that he was from an alternate dimension and all the information he’d been going to give us would likely be faulty (but by that time we’d kinda gotten to like the guy). We did some more exploration of the living vessel and encountered some kind of sapient bug-like lifeform, with wings and tentacles (and I didn’t like bugs before we met them). After killing a coupla handfuls of them, their queen engaged Karr telepathically and talked terms – we’d be allowed to leave if… something, I forget. Anyway we got the hell outta there and didn’t look back.

Next stop was the Wheel, another black market station, this one run by the Syndicate (so of course we had to remind Cutter that he wasn’t going to be well-liked there). Cutter called a guy he knew (more tentacles!) who gave us the location of the station – see, it moves around a lot to avoid detection, plus it’s cloaked (if I didn’t know better I’d think Karr’s paranoia was at work here, but since he travels with us I know he’s not in charge there).

Sure enough, the Ghost asshole is sitting in the bar, just waiting for us. He’s got a real cute babe with him too – she’s tough too, I can tell you, seeing as I’ve known her almost since I’d arrived on Citadel for the first time. Trinity’s a regular at Jella’s, and I’d helped her out in a few brawls (helped being the word I use to describe drawing fire from irate individuals bent on doing her harm while she did all the hard work of killing them).

Ghost and Cutter (yeah, some of these nicknames are getting ridiculous – can’t wait ‘til I get one!) get to talking and posturing. Ghost’s looking for a showdown between him and Alyr. The prize? Becky of course. There’s a twist though – seems this Ghost is a ranking member of some group that Thuku’s a member of, and while I thought the funnel-faced weasel was off getting laid, he’d actually been sent on some sort of suicide mission by this dude. Alyr didn’t seem too concerned though and said as much – so a side bet was made: if Thuku died on the mission, Alyr would have to finish it. The mission? Killing Leia Organa.

So terms were set – basically, we’re sitting around now, waiting to get the coordinates where the showdown will take place. Once we get them, we’ll scoot off to some planet where we’ll transfer down and play out some lunatic assassin’s version of The Most Dangerous Game in the hopes of rescuing Becky. One advantage we have is that Ghost doesn’t know that Trinity’s a friend of mine – then again, she might be setting me up. Who knows? One thing’s for sure though – we’re almost guaranteed that for once we won’t be breaking many laws.

Gotta get back on track though – there’s Templar treasure out there crying out to me. And the ring world. And I really want to find out who killed those Federation diplomats going to Risa – clearing my name’d be a good enough reason, but they had lots of money with them. Oh yeah, and Lira’s Fortress – gotta get those ID’s made so I can take a vacation once in a while. Damn… life’s getting complicated…

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 29

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