Matt's Personal Log - Episode 28

What the frell? A few days ago, we were on Citadel after that sweet ambush. Karr got word that his girl Salma was in the Klingon Empire working on some meetings with the House of Duras – his greatest nemesis by the way – in the hopes of expanding her business. Well after a few drinks with me and the guys, we kinda worked it out that she must be getting used by the Duras clan in some kind of plot against Karr. So we headed out as soon as possible to intercept her before any harm could come to her.

Now, we’re at Drozana Station, with no recollection of the last few days, but it must’ve been one hell of a good time – although I don’t have a hangover and my mivonks don’t hurt, so it couldn’t have been that good of a time, if you know what I’m sayin’. Still, Salma and Karr are in the infirmary – she’s been beaten pretty bad (coupla busted ribs and and a broken arm), and he’s obviously been stabbed with a hot poker or some such weapon. Nobody on the ship seems to know what’s happened either, but hell, we’re all alive and at a pretty fun place to be.

Guess it’s time to start working on the next caper or two.

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Matt's Personal Log - Episode 28

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