Karr's Personal Log - Episode 34

Karr Personal Log – Episode 34

We have travel to this station at Thanos insistence. But I admit it has been an interesting trip here. I have seen and done things that I am still know sure of. But I am getting ahead of myself.

First we arrive here and were told that there are rules that should not be broken. Some rules such as no fighting, no stealing, no cheating with anything but skills. You must play at least 1 game per day per person in your group. You must stay in a hotel not on your ship. Things of that nature. Oh do not go into any gold doors unless invited. We had little money on us but we discover they use lobi crystals here. We figure we would sale somethings off the ship and get money that way. Cutter would be the person to make us money but he has gone off somewhere.
We got rooms and I joined Matt on looking around the place. I admit the food is very good and there are different species all around us. I like this place.

At one point Matt and I went to a place that could be best described as a bath house. The waters in there were unlike anything I have been through. As I sat in the water I felt my being leave my body and travel outside to the stars I saw outside the windows. I had become one with them and I found happiness for a moment. Then I was away somewhere I didn’t recall but it felt familiar. At this place stood my mother with welcoming arms. I approach her and drop to one knee in front of her and blow. She told me that I must make more rough choices in the immediate future. However, I choice I must be willing to deal with it. She then kiss me on my forehead and told me to rise. Your soul is tainted and you will do what you need to do. I will always be in your heart. As she kiss my forehead I felt even more aware of things. I then drift away as she wave off to me. I found myself back in the bath house and feeling very happy.

Matt and I went into another place where there was jellyfish playing music on the wall. I know Thanos mention it but I didn’t believe until I saw it. It was amazing then we met a man that said he was the President and to call him that. I don’t call so if he wants to be call that then fine. He was fun and happy person. He gave us this drink he said that is his favorite. Well, after having that drink I remember having a great time and then I woke up in my room at hotel. Matt was in the room too. I dont think he and I did anything. He woke and went to his room. My left leg was soar. I got freshen up and went to the lobby. There I saw the others and they told me that Matt and I have been have a great time being drunk and partying with everyone. I was in a game behind a gold door and that’s how I hurt my leg but no one knows how.

I found that I had about 800 lobi that I must had made during my blackout. Matt started acting funny. He was trying to get me to fight him by saying I didn’t pay him back for the money I borrowed. I have informed that I settle that debt already then he start call me honorless and insulting me. I am not sure what is going on with Matt. He has challenge Cutter, Thanos and now me. I am wondering if something is ill inside him.

Anyhow we went into another casino and separate ways. I loss some money at the game, that is similar to diabo. But then I heard a bunch of excitement going on over at Matt’s table. I approached just as Matt was mentioning my name. Matt was talking to two females name Chee and Musa. He had place himself and Thanos along with me into a game. Chee was to be the Queen and Matt was to her champion (the Knight). He had Thanos and I as his Rooks. When he asked me to join him, I knew I could not let him go alone.

This chess game turns out to be to the death. I didn’t realize how serious until I was challenge by the Queen and nearly killed. I try to play with her and just take her down. Wrong move. She used some kind of fireball and melted my armor off of me which did allot of damage. I kept knocking her down and stomping her and try to kill her but fireballs were too much. I remember collapsing and with my last thought was to take her out. My mind killed her just as I had dropped. I was alive but she wasn’t.

During this game I spent the time trying to rest up. At one point Musa telepathically said to us that she could make a move that would line Matt up for a good attack. However, I would have to go against their Rook. I told them that Matt is champion and the glory of attack the King is his, so send me in. I was badly hurt but I could do my job. The Rook was a troll that was like a hard shell turtle person. I was hitting him but not doing real damage and I was slowly dying. I look and saw Kara (my sister) in the crowd. She seem distracted and was talking to someone. How can I fall in front of her. Then while I was taking deep breath of air and spitting blood, I remember I just had to get pass him. So I nerve pinch him and he dropped. Then in my rage, I “skull hump” him to death. I don’t know why I had to do it. As I rebel in the torment I was giving this troll, Matt had close in to become winner.

The one that was helping us was able to get me to the medic and I bought a healing shot. I was completely healed. I went to the celebration and appoarch Musa but she said she was disgusted by me. So be it. There were other interesting females around including a crest head girl but then I thought to look for my sister. So I look and found her. It was not Kara but a Romulan with blonde hair like Kara. She seem interested and we went back to a room for some fun. At first, I thought about the fact she look similar to my sister but she clearly is not her…so lets have fun.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 34

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