Karr's Personal Log - Episode 33

Start log

I woke up in a medical bay filling ill. I still dont know what is going on with me. I have been dealing with illness for awhile now but the doctors dont know why. Then I feel myself drifting off again.

I had awake and caught up with Thanos and Cutter on the ship. He told me that I was sick for awhile however, we were working with the crew of the USS Nelson. I was told that Matt had already dive in and enter a structure beneath the water. Some of the crew of the USS Nelson came down in a shuttle craft and place it next us. Part of that crew i discover are old friends of mine Lysa Haynes and Tom Knox. i know that I was happy to see them but I know that if we were in Federation space that they would have to arrest me. Since we are not then let us party and have fun…..for tomorrow we may meet in battle.


We beam down to the open area in the structure near Matt. There was a large room of pillars. The others working Matt and Cutter found within the pillars some old documents. We able to determine that it went with the collection of documents that Matt already had. We were also able to tell that paper that the drawings were on are made out of skin. I dont know what it is the skin of. I was only able to tell that the ink was iron base could be blood of some species but I dont know. The drawings had a picture that look like a humanoid with a spider bug in its head much like what Eight refers to on her hunts. There was also a picture that look like a creature being taken over or incorporated by a mini borg sphere. I find this odd.

We travel down some tunnels and passages to find that we were in a hall. In that hall some strange things have occurred including some symbols glowing on walls and tablet coming out with a huge energy disbursement shoot upward. Around that same time, we were contacted that USS Nelson was under attack then contacted again that an energy blast came up and destroyed the attackers. The Nelson said it came from where we were. I can only assume that the energy burst we witness was the weapon. I am still wondering why didnt attack the Nelson as well. There must be some sensor programs that chooses its target.

We made our way down another path that seem to change in texture and structure. My tricorder stated that it was a metal structure with a rocklike surface. At one point, Matt became ill stating something was wrong. We continue on the pathway and found ourselves in a very strange place where according to readings we were no longer on the planet Rog but in a space somewhere. Granted Tom manage to hack the system faster than me …..this time. But the system files stated we were in deep space. We found out that our air-bender driver was teleported along with the sailing boat and he had made his way to the airlock hatch. We got him inside. Eventually, the remain shuttle crew people were able to dock and come inside.

At one point we were able to find the commanding bridge of structure which is a space traveling vessel. when we enter the bridge it is huge. It was made for giants that we heard in Klingon myths. then with surprise there was large remains of a man like being. It was humanoid but I dont know what race. We (Tom and I) came up with the idea of setting up a relay between these control and shuttle so that shuttle could control it. I was able to levitate myself up to the console and Cutter did his magic trip and leap up. I was unable to find an interface port. I still would like to try again though. while looking up there for the interface Mae’vallah, one of the Nelson crew (who came up there) was attack by a carrot shape item in the rectum. She turn and attack Cutter and I. We were able to disable her and get her down to the shuttle where she could be treated. We got down and back to the shuttle.

While still checking on things, strange ships came on the sensors and were approaching the vessel. The ship started to attack when the vessel fire upon them and destroy them. Soon afterward things when wild and we were gone. We found out that we were in a different area of space. Once again Matt was ill. Then while everyone was resting and Cuter and I were monitoring the shuttle controls we were approached and contacted. We were being hail by a strange ship, they ask if were scavenging this vessel and if not they wanted to discuss terms for them scavenging. Cutter told them we would meeting at the bridge of the vessel to talk.
Cutter and I went over (we did forget to wake the others first though). Upon there we saw and woke up Matt. Then appear via beaming in was Andorian female warriors. Among them was a human female…..Crazy Eight

Oddly enough with everything going the way it has….I am not surprise….i gave her a hug and welcome her…That was about the time i introduce Matt again (forgot they met at party) then contact the rest of the group. Once things were discussed, Eight went a head and began her hunt.

From what I can tell she found several spider and even manage to put a spider out of the head of the Nelson member who got shot with the carrot, Mae’vallah. I unsure what happen I was working with Tom on the shuttle shields to try and brace for the incoming ion storm that had been detected. At some point before the storm came Cutter and Eight ran back into the vessel.

Overall, we were ok. Now, Eight was going to go off and continue hunting. We however we head over to a casino that Thanos wants us to go to. The others said they need to go for rest. I am going to see if I can reach the Twisted Blade with my crew as well as find out about Selma and answering this challenge I have been told of by the house of Duras.

BTW, Tom told me that in the news the Federation is offering partons for all those that will join to attack the DeathStar. Funny because Tom then said that home world of House of Duras was destroyed by that DeathStar vessel. I am not sure how i feel about the Deathstar now. Is the enemy (deathstar) of my enemy( House of duras) my friend or enemy?

end log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 33

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