Karr's Personal Log - Episode 31

Personal log start

I am still unsure what is going on and where am I?

I was on my way to rescue Becky from someone name Jasper/Casper who had bad dealings with Cutter. Next, I am awaking in a daze at a bar on some ass backwards planet in an ass backwards bar with a polar bear leaning over on to my table eating food out of my bowl/plate.

What has happen to me?

The others Cutter, Thanos, Matt and Becky(?) are here but where are the others?

I am told that I showed up on Cutters ship out of nowhere in the middle of the room floating and then fell to floor unconscious …… there are no signs of my ship and crew…

I find that I am on a planet which reminds me of that damn frozen planet where we lost Tarak at.

We have discover that anything that doesn’t look HUMAN are consider to be spirit creature. That is ok that they refer to me as a Spirit. There seems to be a spiritual base system going on. The people seem to have some abilities depending on where they are located. I have heard the word “bending” more direct i have heard the people refer to water benders, air bender, fire bender and earth bender.

The bar we were in was pretty lively at first they took my appearance with no problems, then a group of soldiers came in and demanded us to come see the King. The king was name Khaang. Matt kept laughing about name KING KONG. I don’t know why but hey we were all a little drunk. We met the king and was question about being his enemy or friend.

Once it was determine we were not his enemy by a battle where Cutter had to fight a 12 year old girl…lol Well Cutter did win but barely. She turn out to be a water bender and was most impressive. she made ice claws. Eventually, Cutter won. The king was impress and had offer the services of the one called flecter to give info and direction. We given a boat and a water bender to aid us. The bender was the girl that Cutter defeated.

We got aboard a ship that controlled by an air bender and our path took us into an area call the fire nation. Once enter their area/waters we were stop by 3 big ships. After some choice words with leader of the mini fleet (he turn out to be a prince) things went bad. Cutter did try to calm the tone of heated but Matt seem very anger and stubborn. Once the prince started to walk back to his ship Matt gloated him in a demonstration of power. The prince shot a fire blast into the hull above the water line and that trigger Cutter to go to battle.

It was glorious. Cutter and I made it across to the middle ship as we all fire upon the ships. However by the time the battle was over all ship were damage and sinking. Many including myself was badly injured. Our little ship had sinking damage and I was able to fix it along with Matt. Thanos did put up a force field to block the area but I was unsure how long the battery would last.

We were able to get going again. Matt was giving first aid to some of us when the water bender girl (who found out was King Kung daughter)inform him that he was doing it wrong. Matt took offense and laid into the girl. She got insulted and dive into the water to vanish. We continue on and made it to a port where we look to gather new crew since the old crew with exception of the air bender killed during battle.

Matt was still anger with Thanos. lol. I guess so since Thanos shot Matt. I admit that Matt did start things. However, We got off the boat and as we approach a group of men came charging at us. they were quickly taken down mainly by Matt and Cutter. Cutter got guts splatter on him and went in search of cleaning area. Matt and I went to the pub. there we had food, drink and as about recruiting a crew. We were told that all member inside were part of crews already. then we were told to post a msg on the outside poles and wait for the people to come to us. Matt had already figure kill one of the two captains in the bar and we could take on their crew.

While enjoying food and watching. A woman came in and burnt up one of the two captains. Hence. new crew need a captain to lead. We took them and went to check out their ship to see if we could get more and possible a new ship. We found out that the officers of the ship were in fact of space travelers like ourselves from the Federation.

We now wait for the meeting of their people with Matt and different look Cutter aboard our small ship. I am remaining in the captains crew area of the larger ship while they talk since i am wanted by the Federation.

How ever if they want trouble a wounded Klingon is not a very nice Klingon to play with.

End log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 31

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