Karr's Personal Log - Episode 27

Begin Log

My crew seems to be feeling good about now. We got a payday.
We found out about the Mayzar that was going to be heading to Risa with stars for a movie production and two ambassadors for political issues. We did a great job on getting the 1st ship out of warp and then we took it. I let my head get out of the mission when my group got to engineering. I should have shut down all system from remote access then used the transporters on them. We got the second one when it came by to see what happen with its sister ship. The 1st one had a lot of equipment not travelers. The other ship did have people. I choose to stay on my ship under cloak and monitor comms so in case there another ship, we could attack them in surprise.

I was able to get information off of the data chip that my uncle gave me from my mother quest. It seems that I am to find out about an old secret that has been going on for centuries. Something was stole from the Jedi and is very dangerous. All that has been said is that it could make a fleet within days. I have the coordinates now to the next part. I hope that I am to the task of keep it safe.

I also talk more with my uncle about the “jedi” that attack and killed my sister Korissa. All I could get was it happen over a year ago but we lost Jacen and kill him almost 2 years ago. I will contact more network people to see if there is any word on him.

I have to work on my destabilizer system. I will ask Jenkins about working on it while we are at Citadel. I will have to see about adding a third cannon on the front along with the impaler for the boarding party. I may see about recruiting some guys for doing boarding actions. I also need to get a doctor on board as well. Matt made a point about asking Selma. Maybe she might want to come travel for awhile.

End Log.


Karr's Personal Log - Episode 27

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