Karr's Personal Log - Episode 26

Karr’s Log Ep 26

Begin log

Here I stand in my quarters, putting bandages on my hand to aid them as they heal from my triumph victory. I have survived the restoration of honor. I had to go through twenty pain sticks. Each pain stick was put on me for at LEAST 15 seconds or longer. The pain was intense and crippling but I endure it. My comrades supported me and some participated in the pain sticks. Finally, I had to approach my uncle and hold the sharp dagger in my hand by the blades as he put it from my hand.

But I am jumping ahead of myself.

I and my friends have gone through a lot for me to finally get this data piece from uncle Croc. We went by Citadel to get some work done on my ship. Actually, Matt wanted to find out about a trip to the mirror universe that was being ran by the princess that Cutter and Matt made a porn movie with (YunDarr had some of that too I heard). We caught up my former crew member Jenkins and was able get him to do some work on my ship and Thanos ship. He told me it would be a couple of days so I got to relax a little party some. I saw Selma there. I had Abdula with me and did not want issues but it was good to see her. I think that she may still blame me for the death of Rexar. I know she can read me but I still thinks she does. I have to remember the next time I see her to spend some time with her and do some training sessions with her. I need to do some mental training as well as some consulting. At some point, I had some extra time on my hands and went over to Jenkins to aid in the work on my ship.
We also attend a banquet about the journey and it was a little boring. Abdula look good in outfit. Crazy Eight also made an appearance at the banquet. She said she wanted the big living bug ship that the princess was going to be using. We all party that night and then got beam up to Thanos ship for the night.

Hmmmm… I don’t remember where Crazy Eight went. Haha She may well be still on Thanos ship. I wouldn’t be surprised.

The ships were ready the next day and we head out to my uncle Roc on Green-ga Tharg. It was a long distance when I was head over there before. It located on the far end of the Empire. However we could cut that time by 1/10 of the time using Matt travel. He said that he need to make two jumps to get there. So we decided to jump to Drozanna sector and visit the station then jump to the planet. While there, we shop a bit. I got Abdula a stun whip. I got a set of Cisco blast gloves, a Photonic Bat’leth. Very nice. I have to give Matt the 12 bars and a extra 1 for lending me the money to do these things. Including the work on the Twisted Knife.

Well when made the next leap, we landed into the middle of a battle between the Empire (Klingon) and the other Empire. We try to dodge the cross firing and was able to separate my ship from Thanos. I had down to the planet to get my uncle when I saw that Thanos ship crash in the nearby moon. Since Matt ship was inside I thought that all crews were dead or were able to Matt leap from his ship inside and only Thanos ship was destroyed.

Letty manages to land us in the atmosphere and then we beam down. There was nothing but dead remains along with rubble. I did find a wallet that I kept and I found a very burn Klingon male that was too burn for me to tell if he was my uncle. He was taken up and I was able to stabilize him for a little while.

I need to get a ships doctor on here.

Since my friend were either vanish or dead, I started to head towards Drozanna station again. I knew it would take a long while but I hope that Matt would have been able to jump before death.

We were lucky that they did live and only jump a sector a way. I was able to be hail by them and meet them in a few days. It was good because we able to get aid to the burn man. He did turn out to be my uncle Croc. When I spoke to him thinking he would be glad. He spit on me and curse my name. Saying that I have dishonor him. Even though my name and our family honor has been restored in the Empire he still said I had shamed him. I told him of my quest to honor my mother and he curse my parents (his brother). I struggle not to kill him. There is no honor in killing an old man who is already burn up. I attempt more than once to talk to him. Then finally Matt was able to find out what uncle wanted. He wanted me to turn myself in to the federation (same as my father).

I told uncle I would at some point but I need to complete some things first. This is true. I must fulfill this mission then also find Capt Archer and the Vanguard. With him and possibility I can find Capt. Jean luc Picard. They may be able to help clear my name in the Federation.

Meanwhile, I told my uncle to restore honor in his eyes I would be willing to undergo a ritual similar to the Restoration of Honor.

Now, here I am resting with blood wine and getting ready for celebration tonight. But yet my heart is still heavy. During my argument with my uncle he stated that my sister Corrissa is dead and was killed by the hunter who hunted Jacen. But we killed him almost two years ago prior to Jacen capture and execution. He was killed on the planet during the tribble massacre. I must speak more with my uncle to find out better detail about this person. If true I will hunt him and kill him.

End log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 26

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