Karr's Personal Log - Episode 25

Begin log…..

I am sitting back in my captains quarters enjoying some bloodwine as I recall recent events….
It has been good to see my friends Thanos, and Matt again. Eventhough Cutter was not there he was remember and after everything was said and done….he will be remember even more. HAHAHA.

My crew got into spacedock aboard my ship called the “Twisted Blade”
We met up at Quarks on Deep Space 9 as agreed upon. Thanos and Matt were there but Cutter didn’t show.
I have found me a new lady to play with. She is tall and strong. Good in bed too. Her name is Abdula and she is serving as 1st officer on Thanos ship.
Thanos and Matt came up with a mission to get some riches from a Templar old temple ruins on the Ferngie homeworld. Hey my crew could do with a good score so I was willing.

As we discuss how to get there, Matt said that he might have figure how to make all 3 ships pop out/in space like he does. I am willing to find out. He made a few attempts but finally we able to go to that area. I will say his way of travel is very interesting I might have to ask about join his “guild” as he refers to it.

As usual there was a catch that we were unaware of. We forgot that the PeaceKeepers had taken over that planet. The Peace Keepers are looking for Cutter. If they are looking for Cutter then they are looking for the rest of us as well. That being said we still went on our way.
I try to reach Tarak to get info on the planet since he was from here, but it didn’t do much good. It was good to at least hear from him though……

I toast a drink in his honor….<gulp> ahhhhh
Now we planned on doing digging thru walls and stuff so I took sometime hooking up some gadgets. ….oh personal note …..remember to get some sleep the next time after drink before doing work…
<holding> yep that kind of hurt.

Great luck smile on us since Matt officer was a Ferngie from here. His name Roug-go, he seems to play a game with Matt about barding for a strip of laten. He does have heart thou. He made contact with his people and got information for us.

Any way after 3 days of preparing , we were able to beam down underground and make out way through. The mines work good. Matt was pissed because he didn’t think to bring his tricorder and I did. I will try to remind him. Especially since the mines were set to go off if you got too close without broadcasting the disable code from a tricorder

The modified phaser rifle for drilling with work great. Even if she started cutting before I could put up the signal plion that would reduce signal broadcast from the PeaceKeepers. Even the portable holodeck emitter work. I still wonder why did Matt crew have a copy of Cutter porn on him to give me the image. Well it good to have Cutter running through the streets with police and PeaceKeepers chasing him. It was right distraction.

I had program the other emitter to send out an image of Tarak for the distraction on the way back (if we needed it). For the most part, things went ok. Did nt find the riches but a breadcrumb that is leading us to different area of space. So now, we are on our way.

End log.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 25

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