Crazy Eight's Personal Log - Episode 30

Dear Loggybook, me having some strange days. Me get Mantis to take our ship to Q’gak to help colonist deal with buggy problem but on way there we gets distress call. Me says, “let go save endangered ship” and away we went. When we get there we find a huge Starfleet ship, looked like a Sovereign class retrofit Carrier. Me not happy but me know lots of people from Starfleet and some of them are friends. Me hail the ship and get no response so me put together and away team.

Mantis, Grasshopper, Cyclops, and Ladybug all beamed over and started looking around. While we were busy doing this we gots a call from TwoSu that the ship was under attack and he was leaving us. Me started yelling at him but he just left but not before beaming Spots, Inky, and Kitten over. They were looking very upset. We then started looking the ship over and finding everyone dead. Lots of dead people with glassy eyes and smelly breath. Me thinks they needed minty candy but me not have any.

Hours later we gets hailed from a passing ship and rescued. The Captain of the ship pulls me aside and the whispers in me head start telling me he is going to kill me so me poof him. Then the ship started screaming and the lights started flashing and me head started hurting real bad.

Me wakes up in hospital bed. Me nots happy but Spots tell me it is OK. Me hugs her and happy she is here. Me have real bad dreams about bugs and rapey people. Me ask whats happened and Spots says we gots new ship. Me ask how and she says we gots it from the crew that was here. She says big fight happen and Grasshopper and Cyclops got hurts and we take ship from baddy men. Then she say we lost. Me gets real upset. Me nots like lost.

Me goes to bridge and plays with puterbrain and gets idea of where we are. The me gets real confused. puterbrain says we are in orbit around Terra buts me sees no ships or space stations or anything. Me grabs scanners and look at planet and me sees that the planet is primitive. Remind me of Denchar. Me shivers.

After talking with Ladybug and Spots me decides to try to gets home. They say we now live on tempership buts me not understand what tempership has to do with primitive Terra. Spots says she will take care of it and me goes to bed. When me wakes up we flying towards Drozana and all looks right. Me soo confused. Me wish me understood how and why and where things went.

Me like new ship but still mad at TwoSu and me going to hunt him down. Me feed him to spiders before killing spiders. Me go play with stickytoy now and draw red lines on me legs. Me like red lines. They run all over legs and me watch them make dots on floor.

Bye bye loggybook

Crazy Eight's Personal Log - Episode 30

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