This Nausicaan game is very popular amonst the stronger and more violent races of the Federation. Teams are made up of six players a side, one of them the goalkeeper. The aim is to kick a dimpled ball (called the blitzball) into the opponent’s goal area. The team with the most goals after two five-minute halves is declared the winner.

Tackles, blocks, and outright brawls are allowed. As substitutions are not allowed outside of halftime intermissions, the use of these techniques can offer teams a temporary numerical advantage.

The game is very physical, and each player is allowed to carry with him one ‘Advantage’. An Advantage is one of the following:

  • A shockglove capable of delivering one heavy stun stike against an opponent.
  • A poisoned dart that can be thrown at an opponent. The dart contains a paralytic poison that will either slow or incapacitate the target.
  • A gas globe that can be shattered, creating a sphere of gas that is blinding and painful to breathe.

The blitzball itself is the size of a volleyball, but is very heavy (4.5 kg) and modified so that the ball accelerates to speeds upwards of 250 kph. Many players use the tactic of throwing the ball at an opponent to knock him to the ground before moving the ball across the field.


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