Alyr's Personal log - Episode 34

Pai-Zu and I decided to head out to find a place where Pai-Zu and I could train. He said that air bender abilities would work in space but that we’d need to be on a planet for me to learn them. I knew she’d say no but I asked Becky to join us. It was a selfish request, I knew she’d be bored but I asked anyway. I had grown fond of her and enjoyed her company.

At first Becky said no. She wanted to see this famed casino and do a story on it. However, at the last minute decided to stay with me. She said something about a vision, about fate, and having a bad feeling about the casino. I didn’t care why, I was just happy she joined me.

I searched through the data logs and found a somewhat primitive planet with a space station orbiting it. I showed Pai-Zu and he said it would be perfect. We set course and arrived a few days later.

The space station was a mess. It was called Crescent Station and was several hundred years old. It was a left over of a Hynerian mining facility. It severed as a deep space mining depot, trading station, and black market way point. The best part was the latter of these. It wasn’t controlled by the Orion Syndicate, the Black Sun, or any of the other organized criminal groups. It was run by some Nebari name Kendall. He had the title of Mayor but he might as well be king of the place.

We stayed there for a night. I sent out some messages and acquired clearance to go planet side. Pai-Zu and Becky acquired the supplied we’d need and we headed out.

The planet was sparse and was an obvious leftover of over industrialization and strip-mining. Most of what used to live there was extinct now. The Hynerians had done a number on this place. Apparently that moon wasn’t the only thing that had mining value. However, we were able to find a nice patch of forest to set up camp. We gathered some wood and water and made a nice little setup. However, we choose to sleep on the ship the first couple nights because we had no idea what lived there.

I figured we’d begin training the next morning but fate had other plans for me. As we walked out of the ship we saw the strange blue box that had made its appearance in my hold a few months back. The odd young man and his companions were sitting in our camp. They had started a fire and there was coffee a-brew. He introduced himself as “The Doctor” and invited us to join them. Pai-Zu and Becky looked at me with puzzled expressions. I told them to just go with it and see what this “Doctor” had to say.

He started by apologizing for appearing too early. He then went on about some long-winded tale of a second Imperial invasion. Said that the Deathstar was a threat but the wormhole was a bigger one. It had been cut loose but was still out there.

He said that my friends and I had the means to stop them and that if we didn’t, the galaxy as we knew it was in peril. I told him that I didn’t care about the galaxy as I knew it. I told him that it could use whatever the empire had in store for it. He told me that no matter how much I disliked things now, I would like that future even less. He said that he’d been there and that something had fractured the timeline. Something that a guy named Barty Banks had done. He was responsible for giving the empire something; something that didn’t belong here; something from the other side of the mirror. This thing was some sort of Borg technology and could be used to track the wormhole. With it Thrawn would bring through a second wave of Imperial forces and take over this galaxy once and for all.

I don’t know why but I trusted this guy. His body language read true to his words. If this guy was lying, he was the best I had ever met. Hell, I even believed what he was saying about good ol’ Barty. He told me that it was my destiny to stop this; that fate was twisting itself to bring me and my friends into the game. However, he said that I would need help. He said that because of Barty’s actions, things were speeding up. “And that’s where I come in!” he said.

He told me that I would have to go somewhen with him in his strange blue box and he opened the door. “Somewhen?” I said, and he just smiled.

Pai-Zu said that fate was hard at work and that our destiny was beyond that strange blue door. Becky was just mesmerized about the possibilities. She didn’t ask any questions, she just walked into the strange blue box.

Pai-Zu looked at me and asked if I was ready to meet my destiny. “What the frell” I thought and in I went.

Alyr's Personal log - Episode 34

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