Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 31

I am consumed with anger and thoughts of vengeance. I received word that Galaxina has been tortured and killed by the Syndicate and that they are hunting down people I know to get at me. They want to make an example of me for leaving and continuing to pirate in their domain. They have even joined forces with Starfleet to get at me. Galaxina may or may not be dead. This could be an elaborate trap to bring me in. Either way, I’m going to make them pay. They like messages so much, I’m going to send them a message alright. A message they are likely to never frelling forget.

However, even if Galaxina is alive, she is missing; along with my money. With the funds missing from my bank account and these funds as well, I need to raise some cash before exacting anything. Wars require funds and the war I’m looking to start is going to be costly. So, I shall put my vengeance on hold for now and prepare for war. That means getting some funding and this treasure Matt has been talking about might be a good place to start.

Just as I was heading out to meet the other captains, Karr appeared big as dren out of thin air. We put him in his bed in the infirmary and I continued on. Was that weird as dren? Yes. Any weirder than the blue box and that Doctor fella’, nope.

So I told the guys that I was in for this treasure hunt and we headed out. Thanos took the long way about to avoid getting caught. This took about a month and I spent that time training in the holo suite. I don’t know where my revenge will take place but it might be on some insect infested drenhole swamp. When it does happen, I want to be at my best. I never was a soldiering type but I think I’m going to need to get up to speed.

We arrived at Rog “Rouge” and beamed down. Turned out to be another backwater planet but frell it. I’m getting used to these primitives. At least they don’t know who I am and they’re not carrying disrupters. We started walking into town and some old coot in a wagon drawn by some nightmare of a creature called out to us. After some discussion, he let us ride with him where we were able to get the lowdown on the town up ahead. He was pleasantly impressed by the non-humans and even called them spirits. This was good news, at least we didn’t need to worry about that aspect.

When we got into town we had some dinner and drinks and it was pretty good. Yeah, I know, non-replecated food and yours truly was enjoying it. Hey, I’m like the water man, ever flowing. Anyway, some of the local law types came in and asked us to come see the king. So we did. Who says no to the king? Especially when he’s the man in the know of what we needed to know.

Did I ever tell you I was a big mouth show-off? So I told the king I was a bender, a term I had heard a few times that seemed to demand respect. Figured we’d get special treatment if I threw that out there. So, he immediately summons his daughter and then calls me out. He tells me that I have to fight this 12 year old girl. I was about to say no frelling way but then she started doing all kinds of freaky dren with water. So, I figured what the heck, might be a good work out after all.

We fought and it was quick. She was doing all sorts of mystical dren with water but my Kung Fu was stronger and I put her to sleep with a nerve strike. She was impressive and with a few more years of training, I might not have won that one.

We told him about our quest to find the temple and he put us on the path, he even sent his daughter Min Mae to join us, and he even gave us a ship. We must have really impressed him. I think I might actually like this backwater place.

We travel for several days and even managed to enjoy it a bit between the horrible stabs of anger and remorse for my one of my only true friends Galaxina. I credit Becky with keeping my spirits up, even though she’s sad for the loss of a good friend as well. I asked Becky if she wanted to help exact revenge and she didn’t answer. That’s either a no or she’s formulating a plan. She keeps her cards close to her chest sometimes.

Our pleasant journey was disrupted when this total frellhole price stopped us with his steam ships. He was telling us to turn back but I put the whammy on him and he decided to let us pass. So on we… Oh wait, no, Matt jumped in and frelled the whole deal up with his big frelling fat mouth. The price turned and hit our boat with a fireball. I didn’t stop to see the damage, which might have been the best course of action, when I pulled my gun and opened up. In my experience when the leader of a crew fires on you, their crew is next. We blew the dren out of them with our superior firepower but we lost some people and Becky is hurt pretty bad but she’ll make it.

We treated our injured and made repairs. Matt and Thanos had it out and Thanos stunned him. I didn’t say anything but I was pretty happy about that.

Somewhere along our travels, I don’t remember when, we got word that our ships were under attack and were on the run. I ordered the Starlight to do what they had to and return when they could. It’s a good crew and a good ship, they’ll be fine… I hope.

We got back underway and arrived at our first destination, the Island of Three Smokes.

We are about to dock now, I wonder what adventure awaits us next.

Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 31

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