Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 30

So that frellwad Tyrone got me by the short and curlies. I anxiously awaited the coordinates to her location and an obvious trap. I tried to take the edge off with my little slave but for the first time in a while I was unable to rise to the occasion. This doesn’t happen to yours truly too often but there have been a few time when the stress of concern and anger are weighed heavily upon me. I have issues. This was kind of new to me. Why did I care so much for Becky’s well being? My general purpose in life is to help myself but I was generally concerned for her. And the frellhead Tyrone had me totally tweaked. I wanted to jab out his eyes and skull frell him but why? Why was I so angry? He was just getting revenge and I understand that. Should have killed that freller back on DS-9 when I had the chance. Thought it was funnier to expose and humiliate him. That’s what I get for being a hot dog.

Karr was off chasing that cooz, Salma again. I wish he would just take her or let her go. She’s a distraction to this group at best. Dangerous at worst. I am going to vote against anything to do with her in any future endeavors.

I went onto Drozana station to purchase a few choice items and found out that someone had bilked me for 29m credits. That has me perturbed but I’ll find the frellhead , I’ll get my money back, and he’ll wish he’d never frelled with me.

Anyway, the coordinates to Becky’s loacation came through and we were off. Matt popped us in there like Johnny on the spot. We scanned the area and found a dead scanner spot on the surface. That’s where they were all right. We beamed down to the edge of the scanner dead zone and moved towards the center.

Frelling bog! Frelling bugs! Frelling heat! Frelling mud! I hate frelling planets. The air smelled like a Klingons ass cheeks at the end of a day of hard labor. Yes, unfortuantely I know what the smells like.

We slushed through the mud for hours, beset upon by all forms of insects, leaches, and snakes. Then, it hit me like a wave. Becky’s position became clear to me and I moved the group in that direction. She must be some sort of latent psionic. The connection between her and I was really weird. She was in trouble, scared, and I knew it. I felt it. She was literally inside of me. It was an intimacy I had never felt before and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve always held an immense attraction to her but this, this is not good for yours truly.

We came upon a clearing with a cabin in the middle. Roughly 80 yards out over open terrain. I knew that frellhead would be waiting to snipe us as we entered the field so that was not an option. I told the guys I could make the cabin before he got a shot on me. They looked quizzically at me but they’ve seen me do some crazy dren before so they figured I had some sort of crazy ace up my sleeve. Thanos thought it would be best if the two of them split up and circled around in order to catch him in a cross fire. When they got into position and I made my move.

I leapt 50 meters into the field and with a second leap I was on the hut. I had planned on crashing through the thatched hut roof but when I hit, I realized that it was only decorative thatching. Opps. That’s when the Tyrone caught me square in the chest. Damn he’s good. Unfortunately for him, I’m a Furian and that hit was not enough to put me down. I rolled to the edge of the roof where he couldn’t see me.

Just then a bunch of Gorn poured out of the hut in all directions. Frell. The head of the one next to me exploded, covering me in Gorn brains. I would later find out that Matt took him out. Nice shot with a pistol, I must admit. As the rest of the Gorn made a beeline for the tree line I dropped down and started to move in to get Becky. We were right, there she was. Along with the biggest frelling Gorn I had ever seen. A little nostalgia swept over me as I recognized one of my playmates from Denchar. He and I had never had a chance to play but it looked as if fate was going to give that to us. I smiled and challenged him to a duel. We both already had our swords out and I haven’t been in a good sword fight in some time.

He opened with telekinetic blast. That total frellwad! What a douch. By code, I could have gunned him down right there. However, I was itching for a sword fight so I lunged in with one of my signature moves and ran my blade deep into his side. Had this been a normal person, that would have been a finishing blow but this big ass mofo took it in stride. He then knocked my sword free. Bitch! How embarrassing. Next thing I know, he went all primal on me and came in with a gaping maul of teeth. I blocked it with my arm but there will be a few scars from that. “What now”, flashed through my mind. Sword on the ground and a giant lizard gnawing on my arm. I had no idea where his nerve cluster was but I assumed next to eye would work. I struck him hard in the cluster and dumped a fat wad of chi right into his brain. Lights out big boy.

I then hit him again with a heavy stun blast from my disrupter to keep him down for a while. I looked out to see what was going on with everyone else just in time to see Thanos blow the ever loving dren out of Tyrone’s tree stand.

I heard a noise behind me and turned to see the Gorn getting up. That’s one tough bastard. I told him I could have killed him and that we should call it. Surprisingly, he agreed and left. I don’t know if it was honor or the disrupter in my hand that convinced him but I’ll take either.

Thanos and Matt showed up with stories of some rough combat of their own. Matt had found the jammers and took them out. He also apparently ran into Serenity who had aided him. Thanos showed me Tyron’s head… on a stick…

Anyway, we couldn’t figure how to get Becky out of the complex security bonds she was in but one of Thanos’ crew beamed down and took care of it. We searched Tyrone’s shack and secured it before we left.

On the way back I tried to talk to Becky but as soon as my back was turned she took a shot at me. With my own gun! I dropped her but within seconds Thanos’ crew was on us. They took her to a holding cell and held me at gunpoint. Once we smoothed things out, I went and retrieved her from holding. Unfortunately, they had stripped her and I had to walk her back nude. She was not happy about the whole situation but she’s going to have to understand that she did take a shot at me and I didn’t know she was naked in the cell. We managed to determine that it was a onetime thing and was probably some sort of post hypnotic suggestion of some kind. Matt was kind enough to put her up for now as I have no rooms left for anyone at the moment.

I convinced Matt to pop us to the shadow repository to see about my funds. The manager and I talked and he gave me all the information he had on the accessing of my account. We left and headed back to Citadel.

As we popped back into real space we collided with some cat name Dirk Gently, a private eye of some note. No real damage but it was really fortunate because I had wanted to hook up with him about finding my money. Strange how the universe works.

I don’t know where we are going next but I will go wherever they want. They have helped me save my friend and I wish to return the favor. Maybe we’ll go after the treasure, maybe we’ll go to Lira’s Fortress. Whatever we do, I’m sure it will be interesting.

Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 30

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