Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 28

It’s amazing to me that I’m still alive. If you’re reading my logs and you don’t feel the same way, then you must think I exaggerate. However, I assure you, that what I have written is the truth as I know it.

We were hanging out on Citadel, having some drinks when the boys got out of hand. Matt, Karr, and Thanos entered a drinking bet with some poisonous concoction. Finish the three shots within a few seconds and you don’t die. Drink too slowly and it’s a certain agonizing death. Everyone survived but Matt lost and when he did he throw his shot glass across the bar and took out some dudes eye. Then Thanos ran over and started kicked the poor frellhead so yanked my pistol and stunned the guy in the hopes that Thanos would stop. He didn’t so Matt blasted Thanos. It was about then that we realized that “low profile” had escaped us and we hightailed out of there. For appearances, I took the guy’s boots but when no one was looking I slipped the poor bastard enough for his troubles. He hadn’t done anything to deserve our wrath so I felt bad for screwing him over.

Now prior to all the meyham we were discussing how Karr’s favorite cooz was getting all buddy-like with his arch enemy. We decided that she might be in trouble so we planned a little trip to Qo’noS to make sure everything was on the up and up.

We made a pit stop by the traveler’s guild to get a message off to the Princess. I have some info that she wants and I’m willing to give her a good deal on it. It was going to be some time before I heard from her so we went to our ships as per the plan. Matt set the course and off we popped.

I awoke this morning in my cabin smelling of all sorts of debauchery. Blood was but one of the bodily fluids on my person. I arose and it occurred to me that I did not recall how I came to be in such fouled state. Fortunately, my penis was raw, so I knew it was from an enjoyable event. Well, it’s not the first morning I awoke in this manner and I highly doubt the last.

I kicked the three droids and my slave from my quarters. I instructed the slave to destroy the sheets and replicate me a new set. Black silk I should think; been a while since I’ve used silk sheets. Anyway, after my shower and breakfast, I headed down to the medical bay to get some spray fix-it on my manhood. That done, I beamed on to the bridge of the big ship, Thanos hates when I do that, and figured I get my first genuine look at Qo’noS. Well, at first it seemed as though Matt screwed the pooch. The view screen had us at Drozana Station.

I opened my mouth to speak but before I could say anything Thanos spoke.

“Shut up and don’t ever beam onto this bridge again. Nobody knows how the frell we got here, what happened to Karr and Salma, or what happed to the past three days.”

“Three days?” I looked at my PADD and sure enough, three days had passed. What the frell? I still don’t know where those days went but it must have been a hell of a thing. Karr had a big hole punched through him and it looks a lot like a light saber wound. Salma is all busted up and nobody has any idea.

Did we go to Qo’nos? Must have, we have Salma. We were surely in some sort of fight but with who?

I say we get the frell out of town and see if we hit the news again. That might answer some burning questions.

Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 28

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