Campaign of the Month: January 2012

Star Trek Late Night

Bahb's Log Episode 7

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 173.1
Location: Drozana Station

Waiting for repairs is boring stuff. So I took my free time seriously and worked out a deal with the station managers. We would repair the lighting on the station and the replicators. In exchange we got 10000 slips of latinum. I convinced Kyron to do the work and I raked in the money. After a short while the station was operational and I got paid. I split the cash with Kryon after taking a small finders fee to cover my end of the deal.

Commander Bahb’s Log
Entry 173.2
Location: Cait

Orders came in an we were heading to Cait. Looks like war is going to suck us in. We arrived to discover that the Tholians had annexed the system. The captain initiated negotiations and the Tholians said they would send an Ambassador over. The XO took S’rell down to help out in engineering. As this was currently a diplomatic action, I agreed with the idea. We certainly didnt; need S’rell on tactical.

S’rell noticed something odd down in engineering so I did a sensor sweep. Our shields fluxuated at the same time as an odd energy burst came from a Tholian ship. Something seemed and I nailed down the transmission to deck four. I sent security and they reported back that they were taking fire. Then all hell broke out on the ship. That fracking XO was a traitor. He had barricaded himself in the deflector dish control room. He also had shot several of my crew. I send in S’rell and told her to deal with it. She did. In no time she had the XO subdued and discovered his bomb too.
Now things got interesting. We had a bomb on board and it was ticking down. It was not safe to move. I sent in Kyron and he started working on it with S’rell. With only a second left on the timer, they stopped it. Then the Tholians attacked. The battle was intense and we lost one of the Mirandas but in the end, we won. I am now ready for a long bath with a few Dabo girls.



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