This race of artificially created beings were traced to the origins of Robotechnology when the science was pioneered by Zor following his discovery of the Flower of Life on Optera. After taking samples with him back to Tirol, he developed a powerful source of energy known as Protoculture. Despite making it for peaceful aims, members of the Tirolian Senate intended to use it to fuel their own ambitions. When Zor began developing Pollinators to cultivate the Flower of Life, the new Triumverate led by Nimuul became intrigued by the fact that he was able to genetically alter lifeforms. They decided to use Zor to now create new forms of life starting with clones that would serve the Tirolian population. After that, they created massive Tirolian based clones called the Zentraedi who they developed as miners to tap into the Monopole ore trapped on Fantoma. Thus, the Zentraedi were born as slaves and called Zarkopolis their home where they mined the minerals for their creators. Among the first to be bred was Exedore who was considered a failure due to his smaller stature.

Due to the new decadent and tyrannical rule of the Zorrlev’dra Ertulve, Tirolian citizens went into a full scale revolt with an underground movement having formed. Initially, the clone guard handled the issue but required larger reinforcements. This led to Nimuul bringing the Zentraedi to Tirol where they were used to brutally enforce order on the planet. With the giant warriors as their disposal, the Zentraedi took their first steps in becoming into a warrior race. Their effectiveness as soldiers led to the creation of the Imperial Zentraedi Forces that served the Zorrlev’dra Ertulve. The next major initiative by the Zentraedi was being dispatched with Zor to Optera where they were ordered to defoliate it and take every last sample of the Flower of Life. This was to fuel the Zorrlev’dra Ertulve growing empire that was annexing the worlds of the Local Group but also to prevent Protoculture from falling into the hands of other races. The Harvesters brutally took the great fields of the Flower but after a telepathic assault on Zor by the Regess, the operation was called off with only a few samples of the Flower of Life remaining now on the ruined planet.

Zor eventually rebelled against the Zorrlev’dra Ertulve and took the only Protoculture Matrix aboard his ship that was crewed by a mixture of Tirolians and Zentraedi. Their mission was seeding a mutated strain of the Flower of Life on the worlds of the Local Group. During this time, their expedition came under attack from the now war-like Invid who called Zor but not before he sent the SDF-1 on a course for a distant unknown world to hide the Protoculture Matrix. Following this incident, the Supreme Commander of the Zentraedi Dolza dispatched Breetai and his forces to relocate Zor’s Battle Fortress for the Zorrlev’dra Ertulve. In addition, the Zentraedi began to face increasing encounters with the ravenous Invid who were encroaching into their territory, as they now sought revenge as well as their stolen Flower of Life.

  • Fitness 3(5)
  • Coordination 3(5)
  • Intellect 2(5)
    • Logic -1
  • Presence 2(5)
  • Psi 0(5)
  • Force 0(5)
  • Essence 0(5)
  • Culture, Zentraedi 2(3)
  • History, Zentraedi 1(2)
  • Planetary Tactics 1(2)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Zentraedi (Fluent/Literate) (+4)
  • Battle Hardened (+3)
  • Macronization (+16)
New Trait: Macronization (+4 per level, max +16)

Through the use of specialized technology the Zentraedi are macronized to become giant warriors. Each level of Macronization increases the size of the person who was macronized as follows:

  • (+4)Size increased to 4-7 meters tall (Adds one life row to Healthy through Wounded, +5 resistance)
  • (+8)Size incresed to 7-10 meters tall (Adds Two life row to Healthy through Wounded, +10 resistance)
  • (+12)Size increased to 10-15 meters tall (Adds three life row to Healthy through Wounded, +15 resistance)
  • (+16)Size increased to 15-20 meters tall (Adds four life row to Healthy through Wounded, +20 resistance)


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