The Zabrak are an early spacefaring race distinguished by patterns of vestigial horns on their heads. Zabrak hail from many worlds and have been spacefarers for so long that they define themselves and each other according to their colony of origin.

The harshness of Iridonia, their homeworld, forged in the Zabrak an iron will to survive. Driven to escape their world, they sought to obtain the knowledge of space flight. When Duros scouts began exploring the Mid Rim Territories, they encountered Zabrak in eight sovereign colonies in five different systems. Though subjugated under the harsh rule of the Empire, the Zabrak colonies eventually regained their independence.

Zabrak possess a great amount of confidence, and they believe that there is nothing they can’t accomplish . While this innate attitude could lead to feelings of superiority, most Zabrak don’t look down on others. They believe in themselves and are proud and strong, but they rarely project any negativity toward those of other species.

Personality: Zabrak tend to be dedicated, intense, and focused, sometimes appearing obsessive and single-minded to other species.

Physical Description: Humanoid, distinguished by patterns of vestigial horns atop their heads. The average Zabrak stands 1.8 meters tall.

Homeworld: Iridonia or one of eight colonies in the Mid Rim region of space

Language: Zabrak speak, read, and write Zabrak and Basic

Example Names: Aagh Odok, Eeth Koth, Kooth Aan

Adventurers: Zabrak adventurers love to explore the galaxy. No challenge is too big to deter a Zabrak. They range from scoundrels on distant colony worlds, to noble diplomats and merchants, to scouts, soldiers, and even Jedi.

Zabrack Species Template
  • Fitness 2(5)
  • Coordination 2(5)
  • Intellect 2(5)
    • Perception +1
  • Presence 2(5)
  • Psi 0(5)
  • Force 0(5)
  • Essence 0(5)
  • Culture: Zabrak 2(3)
  • History: Zabrak 1(2)
  • World Knowledge: Iridonia 1(2)
  • Athletics 1(2)
  • Craft: Any 1(2)
  • Planetary Survival 1(2)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Zabrak (Fluent/R/W) (+4)
  • Language: Galactic Basic (Fluent/R/W) (+4)
  • Focused (+2)
  • Toughness (+2)


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