YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 9

Personal Log

I am still feeling sore but better. These last several weeks have been hard. There have been good things. The crew of the Heart of Gold has been going well. I am working with the engineering crew. We help freed Jedi Jacen padawan Satele from Admiral Jedi Hunter Yore. While Jedi Jacen get capture and look for padawan, we make sure engines and ship system are doing great. Blue Klingon friend Rexar move Heart of Gold very close to Jedi Hunter ship. Then when signal comes in, Friend Karr transport Jedi Jacen and others to cargo areas. Blue Friend Rexar moves ship as Kelay fires on Jedi Hunter ship and disables it. We go far away with padawan Satele and her friend. Karr transports cell guard also with Jedi Jacen. We drop off guard at Ferenginar.

We went back to Denchar to help others leave. Karr, Rexar and Jacen go down. I am glad I didn’t go. I hate flying sharks when they bite me. I rather bite them. After many hours, Karr transport back. He said that he needed to adjust transporter frequency to match that of the shields of the city. He then transports a lot of people to cargo area. This was hard trying to keep other ships from sensing us. Rexar move ship real good. We need to improve cloak and shields for future missions. Many Garlacs and Jolets was transported. Some I know as well as other who we knew.

During the next few weeks, I enjoy talk with the others. I am trying to learn a lot from the other engineering crew. We went to Citadel station where I was able to enjoy shopping. While there, Karr was told that shortly after we escape from Denchar that a ship with Klingons came there looking for him. They left word that they had Karr’s sister K’ara and he should come to Prybella to get her. Karr took a runabout and was going after her. Jacen and I went also. Karr pilot the runabout straight into an ion storm. A lightning bolt knocked out the engines we were able to start them in time avoid total collision. I was badly injured from the impact. I woke to see Jacen over me. While I rest Karr did some work on the runabout. We flew the ship over to the shipyard. We found a settlement where we went into the cantina. Karr approach the group of Klingon and I heard them say “Kill him” then he was shot. I threw a table over and ran up grab the Klingon who shot him. As I was choking her, she was able to get a shot on me. I woke to find myself tied to a table and a knives being thrown. Then there was large flash and heat. I awoken to Jedi Jacen lifting me up. He had Karr and Kara with him. They move me around and took me to the Heart of Gold.

I am now just resting in sickbay getting better.

YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 9

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