YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 6

YunDarr Personal Log Ep 6

I have gotten alot of rest while we been traveling across to Planet Commerce 01. Karr gave me some money 4 bars of atrium. I got new stuff. I enjoy being around people that don’t smell like bad cat. While I go looking around, I come back and we no longer have the Fearless as our ship but a new one call Heart of Gold. It is more roomly, we have bigger rooms but Karr will need me to fix lots of things.

We went through an area called the Alteran Expanse. The area feels bad. We find ship adrift and we board it. It was a ship that Karr used to work on. we found parts and crazy people. They so crazy that they attack us. New friend, Rexar, was attack by crazy man. I rip man’s arm off and he not react. he continue to attack Rexar. Tarak hit him with energy whip and he stop. We got more parts and I go with Tarak to Capt Yacht to bring parts over to new ship. After Karr gets back and we continue to Friengnar, I help Karr put in new parts to make ship better.

We hang out more there and now we head to Friengnar. World of little people with big ears is funny place. We go to burial area of Tarak mother. I give money to show respect for his family.
I enjoy drink and food.

We leave to go to Deep Space Nine and hang out there. We will be there for a few days while repairs are done. Karr seems upset when we first got here but now he seems to be back to drawing pictures. He also starts do mediation in his room. I hope Karr feel better.

I am going to go drink more.

end log

YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 6

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