YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 16

YunDarr log

We came here to find Karr’s brother. We have not found him. We found a colony of Klingons that apparently left out a few generations ago and have chosen to live their lives here. They told Karr that his brother was there but went to a place call hall of Heorot.

We went there by ice boat. I had to climb up some long ice covered path that led up the mountain side. I collapse a few times but I made it up. I enjoy partying with Klingons and then the problem came. We were told by the King that something bad comes every night to claim a female from this hall. If there none provide or if there are warrior to battle it would kill them all.

The king suggest that we not stand against it, but I am here with Karr and a bunch of Klingons. I don’t think backing down even enters their thick skulls. After the king and his people went below to hide. Karr was put in charge of making an attack plan. Karr may fight well and is a hell of engineer but he is not a combat analyst. He came up with decent plan of attack.

As predicted, the creature came to hall. It was massive. It was bigger than my uncle YarYar. (who is pretty big for a wookie). I miss not having my bow-caster. I used a broadsword and hit but didn’t harm it. It look at me and seem mad that I was here. It struck me and then rip my left arm off. The pain was intense. I roared. Matt try to attack as well as Karr. It rip Karr reproductive organ with a sword it pull out. It then came back to me and slice open my torso. I continue to try to until I realize something. It had thrown Matt and another warrior threw the wall. It followed after Matt. Karr got up and went after it. I tried but then i realize that my stomach organs was laying over the ground. All i could do was try to put it back in me.

Tarak has now put me in a cocoon and I am waiting for help.

Log end

YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 16

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