YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 14

Log start

We are all that remains of the Heart of Gold. We are Karr, Karra, Cutter, Thuku, T3, Hecate, Tarak, Kylee, Trivia, myself and Jacen is missing. I’m healing up from our fight with Darth Stryfe. Even though we stopped him, we took heavy damage and lost Klingon friend Dorra.

I am still not sure if we stop all those Tribbles yet. I keep feeling like they are still around. I know it is just my mind dealing with the fallout of the attack. I felt like a can of bake beans sitting on the shelf waiting to be open and eaten by those Tribbles. I try to fight along the crew.

We were on deck 5 doing some repair work, when i heard noise. Then people start screaming as a wave of fur just came over them and left scraps. I fought along side with the others until we try to retreat. I was last to run off but my escape route where the others had gone was block and I ran into a crews quarters. I was able to close off the vents and hold out. Eventually, the bridge announced that they were doing emergency beam outs. I found myself on the surface and then we were relaxing. We waited to hear more but then we were told by Cutter something was coming in for attack. Next we being attack by a Sith Acolyte. His name was Darth Stryfe. I try to go and rip his arms off but when I saw the dual end light-sabre, i knew bad idea. I keep aiming and shooting. We were lucky that any of us lived.

I was able to help Karr from Stryfe’s ship get things done, but I am more resting from wounds than anything else. I am glad I had gotten that armor this time.

Until Karr needs me, I will continue to rest.

We need to figure out how to find Jacen and honor our fallen.

YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 14

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