YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 13

YunDarr log 00013

Karr and away team are back but they all seem on edge. they keep asking about the pilot mike and dr guy with him. they also say that there is droid running around loose on the station. Cutter had us look around for droid but didnt find it. Finally, they said it does it exist it was attached to the haul of the “Heart of Gold”. I wonder when did it go out there.

Karr had me and the Klingons work on building ship part that makes look stronger. I rather make us stronger than just look stronger. I have been working and learn from them alot. Working with Karr and Jacen, the engineering crew have been learning to understand me as I them. i am also learning to speak with the Luxans. I like them. The remind me of home. Since we have had downtime i have been enjoy the holodeck programs and getting in more battle practice as well as learn to fight in this new armor.

Karr has ask me to keep an eye on T3 while it is processing that part Karr has it examining. He said make sure it doesnt go near other shipboard systems while he is gone. he also said dont let the klingons hit on it. I dont why Karr say that but ok. so i wont let them do it but i will occasionaly give a push when needed. lol.

Now I am still working the rest of the engineering crew waiting to see what will happen next if anyone comes into the star system while our away team is on the surface.

YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 13

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