YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 10

Personal log

I travel around Citadel not found female yet but I will. I got good food and stored up stuff. I even got battle armor. I think me get too hurt around Karr. Now I will be ready. I am learning things around Klingon engineers and they drink heavy. I like them. Karr left to meet with old friend. He came back to room. He look odd.

Karr seems sad. He found out that lady he likes is married to friend Rexar. Very funny but sad. I wonder if Rexar is worried. Maybe that why Rexar take us to wrong place. HAHA. There, crew finds old Klingon ship. Karr got logs and stuff. Then we left to Commerce 02.
We visit station call Commerce 02. It looks like I am back in home galaxy. The crew meets with and join Hutt’s gang. I am not happy about it but I trust group. Karr and Jacen came back to looking around with very bad smell. Karr smell worst than ever. They say that people cubs try to kill Cutter. We need to go find female very soon. Me lonely.
A group of Jedi (force people) showed up and is working for Jacen now. I wonder what that is about. Friend Jedi Jacen has made new Jedi friends and now they travel with us.

We leave soon for to see Karr and K’ara ‘s uncle.

Personal log end

YunDarr's Personal Log - Episode 10

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