Xebec's Juggers League

Juggers has become the sport of Xebec’s demise. It’s vicious style of play found a home in this dismal place and nearly every person in the colony follows the local league. Fortunes can be won or lost on a game and gangs maintain strict control of what games are league sanctioned and what games are just for sport.

The best teams in the colony have have earned a degree of protection from the normal crime that permiates the streets.

Every Gang has a team and a few of the bars and other business have teams as well. Each year the 40 registered teams play out a randomized brachet. All the matches are sudden death. If you lose you are out for the year. The winning team earns 1 million Alterium and the players are granted a great amount of status in the colony including free drinks at any bar or cantina for a year.

The rules of Juggers make it a violent sport but in Xebec’s Demise they play by prison rules and the violence is so intense that a normal Juggers game seems almost passive in comparison. Only the most hardy and fearless people should ever consider playing this sport.

Xebec's Juggers League

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