Xebecs Demise

When the seven become free
I shall return to thee

The seeker has awoken
The ring shall be broken

The warrior holds the key
To the weapon from Eternity

The Dreamer knows the way
but when awake he cannot say

Three footprints in the snow
Shall warn it’s time to go

Fail to head my plea
Will mean the end of thee

So walk forth with strength and power
The breaking shall mark the hour

The balance of hope lies in you hands
I pray you understand

-Xebec’s Prophesy

The city of Xebec’s Demise was an experiment started by the Romulans sometime during Earth’s 20th century. Ships were sent to scout the planet Earth and other primitive cultures to study them. People randomly abducted were deposited in the city of Xebec’s Demise and given only a knife and the clothes they were wearing at their time of abduction. The city was built with specialized atmospheric filters to allow it’s new residents a chance of survival but beyond that, the tech level of the city was late Iron Age. Hidden areas of the city allowed for observation of the abductees as they developed their own culture. The abductions stopped around the year 2050 but the city survived well into the modern age. The decendents of the abductees became the eventual slave labor of the mines that were built in 2107 and the guards of the prisons that were set up in 2233. In 2350 the planet was turned into a penal colony and the city of Xebec’s Demise became the central hub of life on Denchar.

Many people wonder who Xebec was and many more legends about this strange being still linger. It is believed that he had a huge treasure chamber hidden somewhere in or under the city but it has purportedly never been found.

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Xebecs Demise

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