Tu'Sutok's Story

Starfleet log entry “Who gives a Frack”;
Stardate “Who the Frack knows or cares anymore!”

It’s been about year now since the… “inquiry” that led to my court martial and landed me on this forsaken rock; a year of butt-kissing and brown-nosing to keep the midnight Berry Jockey out’ta my sheets. Maybe more.

Buffing and running clints for Shuresh and the AK’s has it’s perks, don’t get me wrong, but I’d just as soon buzz this rock and get back in the Black. I mean, who knows how long before this gig turns to hnaev, and this monkey is DeeVee’d and dusted. That Gha’Rudh will use me, one way or another, until there’s nothing left, if I let ’em.

Okay, so the mission didn’t go as planned. You don’t send someone in deep and don’t expect them to have to break a few eggs. Things got hot, plain and simple. Imps were oozing through the bulkheads. It was blow cover and bug out, or blow some fairy dust and see if your hoop can fly. I chose option number three… fumigate the whole fracken process, leave no tellers, and finish what I went there to do.

Did I get a commendation? Frack NO! They wanted me to play lizard brain and “rationally evaluate your options to find the most suitable opportunity for extracation”. So now this peep’s hexed and their only option is to stick me in this Hez-Hole!!

I guess I should feel lucky. I got stuck with this gig straight off the boat. Suresh said it was because of the points, but I’m betting there’s a deeper hand dealing these cards. Oh, there’s nothing specific, just the little things. T’Ong’s name has come up a few too many times for comfort, but that doesn’t surprise me. He’s all over my catalog. Frak, he was the Chief Adjucate at the tribunal! No, what gets me is those few slips where Vi’Kanar and Nu’Reth’s names have been dropped. How would anyone here know I was associated with them? If they’re involved in this mess, there’s probably a ferryman waiting for me the next time I run pickups from the Evadt-Fvai. I’d ditch the weight, but without a slab to C-YA around here, u won’t make it long as a bennie, and I’ve made more enemies than friends here.

I can’t trust anyone, except, maybe, Karr. Now, that had me tinked, seeing that old turtleheaded war fvai is here on Denchar too. Haven’t had a lot of time to catch up with him. He’s running in different, almost opposite, circles these days. Still, under different circumstances…

Well, I’ve got errands to run. I’ll update this log later.

Frak it all!

Tu'Sutok's Story

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