Tri-Gauntlet Cup

The greatest sporting event in Xebec’s Demise. The winner earns much renown as well as wealth. The event takes place in three gauntlets once a year. The only rule in this game is that all opponents must be defeated with either a melee weapon or one’s own natural weapons.

Gauntle One (The Clearing of the Trash)
This event takes place in early spring and lasts for up to three months. All contestants wishing to join are randomly paired off to fight. These fights are not to the death but deaths do occur. Once the winners are pruned down to 100 they are given time to rest and train for Gauntlet Two. Much gambling follows every fight.

Gauntlet Two (The Pruning)
This event begins on the first day of summer. The 100 contestants are pitted in a race across country. The race begins in the central square of Xebec’s Demise, runs out to the old copper mine [50km], then across the Angelus Spring [80km], and back [110km] for a total of 240km. At each checkpoint, the contestants may rest. There are no rules to the race other than stopping at each checkpoint; as such, many contestants try to kill or cripple their opponents. The first 20 to make it through the race move on to the final gauntlet.

Gauntlet Three (King of the Hill)
This stage of the game occurs on the first day of winter. The contestants must race to the top of Mt. Evermore. As they arrive they must fight to be the last man standing. Whomever wins the mountain wins the match. The winner is paid based on the number of opponents he personally defeated; waiting to be the last one up earns little renown or respect. The winner also gets a cut – 5% of all gambling earnings made by every bookie at the event.

During every stage of the game, the audience is encourage to throw beanbags at the contestants. This distraction has been the cause of some very interesting battles. The contestants do reserve the right to attack any who throw beanbags but most just ignore the annoyance.

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Tri-Gauntlet Cup

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