Togorians are predatory, aggressive nomads and fearless warriors. In the days of the Republic, Togorian pirate fleets were a known menace. The Republic was unsuccessful in quelling this threat, but the new Empire has the drive and the firepower to crush the fleets. During the Dark Times, pirate fleet survivors are likely to seek their fortunes aboard non-Togorian ships and in non-Togorian organizations.

Togorians in a group are led by the largest, most aggressive, and most ruthless individual among them. They have little honor, but prefer fights against other Togorians to be face-to-face combat. Males and females have little contact with each other. The males are nomadic, often using domesticated mosgoth flying lizards as mounts. The females live in cities, tending animals and seeing to the Togorians’ limited technological pursuits.

Personality: Togorian males respect strength above everything else. To that end, they often seek to prove themselves in melee combat against worthy opponents, especially members of other powerful species. Other species mistrust Togorians, for they are treacherous, foul, and temperamental. Togorian females are equall aggressive and vicious, but are much less likely to leave their homeworld.

Physical Description: Togorians are muscular, stand on legs with two knees, and have retractible, razor-sharp claws. Their piercing jade eyes provide them with excellent vision, even in low light. A Togorian’s thick fur is normally jet black or black with orange stripes.

Homeworld: The temperate world of Togoria, featuring isolated cities among vast savannas, deep canyons, and great, deep forests.

Language: Togorians speak their own language, plus Basic

Example Names: Dankin, Dh’rang, H’sishi, Keta, Mezgraf, Mrrov, Muuurgh, Qrrulla, Rowv, Ruukas, Sarrah, Seendar

Adventurers: Togorians in the galaxy at large are often pirates, outcasts, or exiles. They naturally find their way to criminal enterprises, serving as hired muscle or in other brutal pursuits. They prefer to create their own pirate bands, and they scheme to take over any band they do not lead. Togorian heroes are usually soldiers or scoundrels. They have little aptitude for technology. The few Togorian Force-users are rarely trustworthy and likely to fall to the dark side in short order.

Togorian Species Template
  • Fitness 4(6)
    • Strength +1
  • Coordination 2(5)
    • Reaction +1
  • Intellect 2(4)
    • Logic -1
  • Presence 3(5)
    • Empathy -1
  • Psi 0(5)
  • Force 0(5)
  • Essence 0(5)
  • Culture: Togorian 2(3)
  • History: Togorian 1(2)
  • World Knowledge: Togoria 1(2)
  • Intimidation 1(2)
  • Unarmed Combat 2(3)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Togorian (Fluent/R/W) (+4)
  • Language: Galactic Basic (Accented/R/W) (+3)
  • Large (+0)
  • Natural Weapons: Claws (+2)
  • Night Vision (+2)
  • Bad Temper (-2)
  • Bloodlust (-2)

Cultural Item: Togorian Scimitar

Togorian scimitars fetch a substantial price on the galactic market. Each scimitar is a custom work of art, incorporating unique design elements that identify the tribe of its Togorian weaponsmith. Most Togorian scimitars are elegant, resilient blades designed to withstand the most forceful blows.

When Togorian weaponsmiths acquired vibro-weapon technology, they incorporated it into later redesigns of the traditional Togorian scimitar, creating a version of the classic weapon prized by interstellar vibroblade collectors.


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