Thuku's Personal Log - Episode 13

This has been a fun week. Captain Tarak has been sequestered in his room so things have been a little more relaxed around the ship. Without him and his bitches watching over everything, we’ve been able to eat better and drink more. We don’t have to always hear about how we’re drinking all the profits and how replicator goo isn’t free.

Alyr took command and things have been more relaxed. The crew likes Alyr, a lot. It was a smart move on Tarak’s part to make him the first officer.

We pushed on to the Sith ruins to see if we could plunder some artifacts. Sold to the right people, that dren is priceless. When we arrived their were three ship orbiting the planet. We made some preparations and while we were doing that, the two merchant ships left. Pity, Alyr should have burned them and that science vessel and we might have gotten some good stuff. As is, all we managed to get was some dren off the science vessel. However, Alyr managed to take the bitch undamaged. I bet we could sell that to the Giridians for a hefty profit. Bet they would like to know how Federation shields work…

The best part though is that I got a bunch of slaves to play with. They’re all ugly by Rodian standards but pink is pink and I got to get me some stink. I’ve been testing one of my toxins on the one chick and she never remembers a thing.

Really looking forward to moving on from this spot though. I’m hoping this pirating thing picks up, this was fun but I need to get some blood soon. Maybe I’ll take a contract on the next world we get to. Just for fun…

Thuku's Personal Log - Episode 13

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