Thuku's Personal Log - Episode 12

Alyr and crew are all messed up. They ran off to do some bizarre mission that didn’t quite add up. The rest of us were confused as to what they were doing but figured that it would make sense when they came back.

Besides, Alyr wanted me to keep an eye on things. Most of the crew have no idea of what I’m capable of. He trusts me and knows that if the dren goes down ‘ol Thuku will take care of things. Knows that at least he’ll have a safe place to come back to. And he’s right, I’ll kill anyone who crosses us and throw their asses to the dark. Alyr is my bro and we got each other’s back. No one else would ever trust me with their life the way he does. He’s he only friend I have ever had, the only one who’s ever been worthy of that honor.

When those drenheads got back it only got stranger. They were talking about crazy dren. Things that didn’t happen. Alyr is all ate up. He told me that he would let me know what happened but he didn’t actually know. Said that he was happy that I stayed behind so that I didn’t have to get mind raped the way they did.

When this dren pans out, Alyr and I are gonna’ get some payback. Whoever’s been frelling with us is going to wish they hadn’t.

Thuku's Personal Log - Episode 12

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