The Way of D'era

Romulan myths stated that their race was forged in Vorta Vor, known as the Wellspring of Creation where the ancient Vhorani created their race.

Romulans believe in the Way of D’era which dictates that they are destined to rule the galaxy and is perhaps the source of their arrogant views as well as their belief in their own superiority. It comes from the teachings of Tellus who stated that their people were the children of the Vhorani who made the Vulcan race to become their inheritors to a great destiny of controlling the galaxy. Therefore, under these teachings, all other races were inferior to the Romulan people. (LUG module: The Way of D’era: The Romulan Star Empire)

Some reports even indicated that Romulan writings that their ancestors were told by a race of great beings called the Great Brothers (who were possibly the Preservers) gave them a responsibility to build a Road to the Stars in order to join their gods at the end of their task. Furthermore, these stories state that that they were given enough just to start the ‘Road’ and that it was their duty to build upon it further which makes Romulan expansionism a religiously motivated behavior. Their relationship with the Great Brothers was not entirely clear but a shrine of them existed in each family temple.

The dictates of D’Era became the source of the Romulan concept of honor which differs greatly compared to the Klingons for it was not a warrior-like concept but a reflection of the accomplishments made by the individual on a family, personal and imperial level.

Another concept that was viewed religiously by certain Romulans was a belief in the Elements which they believe embody the universe itself.

Interestingly, the Romulan had their own concept of a mythical creature that would die in fire and be reborn such as the Phoenix of Earth myths. It was known as Alth’Indor in the Romulan language. In addition to this, certain demons existed within Romulan beliefs. One such creature was a demon lord called Bettatan’ru who certain Romulans prayed to in order to achieve their goals.

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The Way of D'era

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