The Thieves Market

The best of the best can be found in the Thieves Market. No one knows how but the market always has a steady supply of technology, slaves, and real food from dozens of worlds. The AK’s and the Slashers are the only gangs that have access to the market but a number of individuals have made the journey through the southern end of the undermaze.


Dazar’s War Museum
  • This museum is run by a warrior Ferengi who claims to have fought the Jedi menace along the side of the Mandalorians over 1000 years ago. Entrance is 2 Alterium and everything in the museum is for sale.

Kuza’s Amazing Emporium

  • Kuza is a Klingon engineer that has specialized in holographic and transporter technologies. He runs his shop along with Olna, a beautiful Andorian duelist.

Janaeck’s Slaves

  • By far the most comprehensive slave market for light years around. The facility is rumored to have transporter enhancers for special clients.

Janaeck’s Cantina

  • Real food, real music, and a whole lot more.

Janaeck’s Wholesome Mining Company

  • Here you can find nearly anything you would need to survive on Denchar or in the Undermaze. The place buys alterium ore for 85% of the actual value. By far the best price in the colony.

The Brink

  • A crazy nightclub with the best selection of drinks and drugs on all of Denchar. Only the Cool, the beautiful, or rich or welcome.

Delran Parasite

  • The doctor here specializes in curing parasitic diseases picked up in the undermine. He has a special affinity for removing insects from the brain.

The Tattooed Lady

  • This house of ill repute claims to have one of nearly every species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Bingo Bongo

  • Weapons of every kind are for sale from the pair of Jawas that run this shop.

The Thieves Market

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