The Reavers

Contact with Reavers has been brief, and survivors few; as a result, little is known of the Reavers faction. Reavers live on the edge of star systems, in the black, and rarely venture deep into occupied territory. As a result, most Alliance officials refute claims of their existence, in that they are myths made to cover for violent criminals, or perhaps the population had succumbed to a form of space dementia. Conspiracy theories suggest rather that a side-effect of an experimental compound added to planetary air processors by the Alliance created the Reaver race.

Reavers are predatorial, known to capture ships and raid colonies on the edge of populated space. Reavers have superior physical stamina, and a heightened level of intelligence. Known for their prowess with inventive combat tactics, their unrivaled creativity allows for hijacking vessels, weaponry and technology, and in the deployment of sophisticated bio-technological traps. The violent psycho-chaotic influence that Reavers possess allows the faction to replenish its ranks through a ritual of capture and conversion, voluntary or otherwise.

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The Reavers

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