The Prequel

That Which Came Before…

The USS Vanguard began its story on June 2, 2380. Her initial mission brought her in contact with the Gorn and soon the ship was engaged in a diplomatic mission to the Gorn Homeworld. This was of vital importance, coming as it was at the end of the Gorn-Kzinti war. An assassin attempted to kill Lt. Commander Karr in order to disrupt the mission. If not for the quick reflexes of Marine Commandant MacGarrett, Karr would have been dead.

Later that same year the Vanguard was engaged by the Puppeteers to aid them on a scientific mission. Captain Archer agreed and his command staff was granted the rarest of priveleges. Some of the crew were actually allowed to visit the homeworlds of the Puppeteers. A Puppeteer named Nessus traveled with an away team to a legendary ring world. Many fantastic discoveries were made. The mission was cut short though, when the Vanguard was recalled to face an inquiry into the command performance of Captain Archer.

During a layover at Starbase 71, several members of the Vanguard crew, (Marine Commandant John MacGarrett, Lt. Commander Karr, and Commander Malak), heard the stories of the starship Praxis. The ship had apparently crashed on the planet Acheron and was never seen again. The Praxis supposedly had a cargo of 50,000 bars of gold-pressed latinum. Greed sank in, and the three men concocted a plan. They took a shuttle along with Commander Hayek and Lt. Commander Tu’Sutok to the planet’s surface to seek out this vessel. In doing so they violated Starfleet Interdiction of the planet. During the course of their adventure they did in fact find the lost Praxis but Lt. Colonel MacGarrett was killed by a native creature. Captain Archer ignored the violation and used an incident on the planet to justify why the crew had went to the planet’s surface. Following this incident Commander PauPaub sent a report to Starfleet Intellegence detailing the blatant violations.

Following a distress beacon, the Vanguard was sucked through a wormhole and traveled to a distant galaxy. They discovered a thriving civilization and an empire that spanned the entire galaxy. Many adventures later they returned home triggering the Empire War. Many crewmembers were left behind, including Commander Malak and Lt. Commander Tu’Sutok. Captain Archer and most of his command staff faced an inquisition, but in the end their actions were vindicated.

The Empire War consumed the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Many planets were destroyed and thousands of ships were lost. The total cost in lives was more than 10 times that lost in the Dominion War. These losses would propel the United Federation of Planets into making many harsh new laws, and transform much of the Federation into little more than a police state.

Another threat to the UFP that was brought by the Vanguard’s crew was spice addiction. The Vanguard returned home with more than 300 addicts, and hundreds of tons of the spice, melange. The drug was sold by the crewmen to others at various space stations and soon spice addiction was running rampant throughout the Federation. Melange is now outlawed on all Federation planets. If not for the work of Dr Catherine Pulanski, a cure may never have been found.

With the new harsher laws, genetically modified people and cyborgs are sent to penal colonies (or just shot on sight). The arrest of Commander Sonson from the Vanguard spurred one of the most famous mutinies in recent history. The entire crew went rogue, and after taking the Vanguard, they attacked many Starfleet vessels and raided dozens of penal colonies. They rescued Sonson as well as many other political prisoners. This defection, coming so close to the deaths of Miles O’Brien, Worf, and Ezri Dax, made headlines across the entire UFP. Many former Vanguard crewmembers are now facing extreme scrutiny.

Some former crewmembers of the USS Vanguard have gone on to become quite successful in the private sector. This, too, has sat poorly with Starfleet Intelligence, which keeps a close eye on these potential threats.

The Federation is now is on the verge of civil war. Many systems are considering leaving the UFP, while others are attempting to gain control from within. Starfleet and planetary militias are gearing up for war, and with the addition of the Romulan Star Empire and the Cardassian Union to the UFP, espionage has become the name of the game. Rumors abound of secret prison camps for politcal dissidents, and many reports of piracy and slavers are now reaching Terra.

The more famous members of the USS Vanguard and their whereabouts:

  • Captain Archer returned to the Federation and immediately came under the attack of the Internal Affairs Board for gross misconduct while commanding a starship. Though he withstood all charges he has been relegated to an area of space that is considered ‘unimportant’ by Starfleet Command. Following the Sonson Incident, Captain Archer took the Vanguard deep into the Uncharted Territories. Occassional rumors of the Vanguard surface, indicating it has become a vigilante ship, righting wrongs, and helping those who cannot defend themselves.
  • Commander Malak vanished during the mission to Galaxy 13491 but rumors persist that he is operating within the UFP attempting to stir up dissidents and revolution.
  • Commander Arax Paupaub returned to Starfleet and was promoted for his service. He is currently the Captain of the USS Ragnorok and supposedly works for Starfleet Intelligence.
  • Arnold Jenkins left Starfleet in disgust. He used money saved from the Praxis Incident to buy his own ship and started a private planetary surveying company. Within two years his company was handling a majority of the private surveys into the Uncharted Territories. He is often seen walking the halls of Citadel Station.
  • Chief of Security, Commander Tu’Sutok was kidnapped by the diminutive Jedi zealots on the planet Tatooine and has never been heard from since, even though an extensive search party was initiated. Though listed as Missing In Action, he is thought by most to be dead due to the animosity he had towards the fanatical religious order.
  • Commander Karr returned from the mission to Galaxy 13491 with a new sense of life. He requested a transfer away from the Vanguard due to the continued attempts on his life. The rest of his story is yet to be told…
  • Janet Thompson transferred from the Vanguard to the Enterprise-E where she served as Marine Commandant. She was promoted to Colonel in 2384 and was given command of the carrier USS Collin Powell. Her fighters were involved in over 30 sorties against Imperial forces in her first ninety day, and before the war ended was the most decorated marine unit in the war. Following events during the Empire War, Col. Thompson received the Romulan Star from the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire – a rare honor only given once before to a non-Romulan.
  • Dr Merella N’Ralmi returned to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, where she taught Xeno-Anatomy and Microbiology. She has given up any desire to see the galaxy, as the violence she witnessed sickens her. When she recieved word that her friend, Salma, was starting a detective agency, she jumped at the chance to join her. She currently lives on Citadel Station and is co-owner of Citadel Investigations.
  • Commander Lyanna Sonson is a very competent doctor with nearly twenty-five years medical experience since leaving the Academy. She is constantly reading medical journals and profiles. She is never afraid of the responsibility and has chosen to accept the XO position on the Vanguard in gratitude to Captain Archer and the crew. Her incredible feats of strength are still marveled at, and on Vulcan she is still considered a hero for her action during the Dominion War.
  • Commander Hayek was promoted to Captain and asked to teach at Starfleet Academy. She sent her letter of resignation to Admiral Simms and told him to ‘go fuck himself’. Taking the vast stores of wealth she aquired while ‘hunting praxis’ she bought a share in Citadel Station and started a detective agency with her friend Merella N’Ralmi.
  • Clarice Simmons, the bartender of 12 Noon, left the Vanguard shortly after returning from Galaxy 14391. She was addicted to spice and entered a clinic run by Dr. Catherine Pulaski. After several years of therapy, she is back in the saddle. She too bought a share of Citadel Station and opened a bar/nightclub. The Ashen Oasis is now her home and has become quite famous as the best place to try exotic beverages. Clarice claims her success comes from her very mixed heritage, which includes Romulan, Human, Betazoid, and even Orion. As a side note, she is still constantly changing her hair and clothes. On any given day she may wear as many as six different outfits and changes her hair style each time. This has become quite a topic of converation for most who frequent her club, with the occassional wager as to how long before shem makes her next alteration.

The Prequel

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