The MegaCorp

The beating heart of the ’Verse is business, beginning from planetary middlemen and company towns upward to Megacorp skyplexes. Megacorp owners operate under a shadow network, privy to information and events in the systems unrivaled to other factions, in order to detect and execute profiteering opportunities. A Megacorp may choose to engage in both legitimate and illegal business transactions, and have been granted authority by the Alliance to seek retribution for bad debts and losses incurred during the course of operations.

Taking on the logo for Blue Sun products, a well-known corporate conglomerate, is not to be confused with the Blue Sun star system. Megacorps operate in cooperation with other factions, paying taxes or levies to Alliance fleets, whilst hiring out jobs to Browncoat crews and rogue Alliance operatives. Megacorps may enter into legitimate operations, such as manufacturing commodities, mining or harvesting planetary resources. A greater risk, however more profitable, are the opportunists; entering into clandestine dealings by broadwaving illegal salvage opportunities, manufacturing contraband, bounty kidnappings and murder.

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The MegaCorp

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