The Empire War

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The Empire War took place during the years of 2381-2386. Imperial forces invaded the Romulan Star Empire and had many early successes. They captured 17 systems in the first year alone and when they brought the newly built super battle station into the region, they tested its new superweapon and destroyed the planet Sinza’kora along with its nearly 30 billion inhabitants. All seemed lost until the Romulans asked for aid from the Federation.

The Federation sent in the 17th, 19th, and 23rd fleets – all three fleets were destroyed completely in the battle of Ch’kota, along with two Klingon fleets and three Romulan fleets. Recognizing the threat of these new enemies, Admiral Thrawn took his forces along a newly discover Hyperspace River and attacked Terra. Three days later when the Starfleet was finally able to send in reinforcement, Thrawn withdrew. His fleet suffered no signifigant losses and the Planet Terra (Earth) was left in ruins. Nearly the entire continent of Asia was burned to the bedrock killing over 8 billion people.

Grand Moff Tarkin moved his fleet quickly, pushing into Klingon territory where he captured seven more systems. Then the tide turned when the Cardassians joined the fray. The combined might of the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians was more than the Empire was prepared to deal with. After losing two battles Tarkin took the prudent path and ordered the fleet to withdraw to the wormhole back to Galaxy 13491. As the Imperial forces withdrew, they scorched many planets.

Thrawn took his fleet deeper into the Federation attacking Andoria, Vulcan, Starbase 74, Betazed, and Setlik. Finally orders for withdraw came and Thrawn took his fleet past Tellar and Belarus causing massive casualties.

The United Coalition of forces began to win many battles in 2385 with the Battle of Valldon marking the end of the War. The Federation made a deal with the Dominion for a weapon capable of permanently closing a wormhole. This weapon was used to great effect, cutting Tarkin’s fleets off from their supply lines and forcing them to retreat into the Uncharted Territories. No one has heard anything from the stranded Imperial Fleets since that Battle.

The ramnifications of this war will be felt for many years. When all was done, seven planets no longer support life and three planets were destroyed and are now asteroid fields. The combined loss of life more than doubled that seen during the Dominion War. Starfleet has ramped up combat training for all personel and many systems are now being fortified in preparation for future attacks. Starfleet along with the Romulan Navy are experimenting with captured Hyperdrive Technology.

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The Empire War

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