The Cardassian Occupation

The Cardassian Occupation

When I arrived on Terok Nor, I was very confident in my abilities and was ready for the riches that I knew would soon be filling my coffers. The station was so spartan and cold, a military station if I ever saw one, even though they claimed it was a mining station. I made inquiries into who was in charage and discovered it was a Cardassian named Gul Dukat.

It took some work but I managed to get myself a trading license for the station as well as for Bajor itself. The Bajorans are a strange people. They live their lives so caught up in religion that I was taken aback. It took some years before I was comfortable with all the talk of the Prophets and spirits. My first job was providing medical care to Bajorans injured in the mining operations. As I listened to their plights, I realized that what they needed was weapons. If they had weapons they could fight.

A Bajaron by the name of Kira Samak became good friends with me and he often talked about how his people needed to rise up and throw off the tyranical Cardassians. I would enjoy drink with him and we would make plans but I never thought he had the willpower to rise up and act on his words. It was then that I met his sister Nerys. She was a fighter and wanted to wage war. Her speeches were moving and her beauty was incredible. If ever there was a time I felt this thing called love, it may have been for her. That feeling is long past but still she awakens me by coming to me in my dreams.

I took my ship out to a Breen Colony and negotiated for disrupters and explosives. Hiding the weapons in with the medicines I normally transported to Bajor was easy and I sold the weapons to Nerys and her friends. Three days later I heard of the assault on the Cardassian garrison at Dakhur. A week later the Cardassians dropped bombs that released poison gasses that killed everything in the region. Thousands of Bajorans died including many I regularly did business with.

I had to deliver a shipment of Bothan apples to the station and was accosted by a Cardassian officer named Julot. He took me to an interogation room and beat me, drugged me, and eventually tossed me into a holding cell. I sat in that cell for a month while they tore my ship apart. One day the Gul came to see me. He offered me Romulan ale and we had a good conversation. I have always been good at recognizing opportunity and he was making me an offer. He said he knew I was seliing arms to the Bajorans. He said I could be sent to prison or killed for this, but then he offered me a deal: deliver a load of weapons to the enemy and all would be forgiven. I knew this was a very bad deal but I didn’t want to rot in a prison so I agreed. I figured somehow I would turn the tables and come out on top.

Gul Dukat had my ship repaired and gave me fifteen cases of phaser rifles along with plenty of power cells. I left and flew to the Rkantha Province on Bajor and unloaded the weapons at a cave that was supposed to be haunted. I waited for two days while I tried to figure out a plan but I couldn’t see a way to not deliver the weapons. It was then that Veddek Tai came walking up the hill to the cave and said hello to me. Then I shared a meal with the Veddek who said that a vision led her to me. I told her my story and she said that she would send a group of men to take the weapons and that I would be able to truthfully say I gave them to the Maquis.

The next day three men arrived and took the weapons. They paid me well for them and negotiated as they might for any weapons transaction. Then they left in a shuttle. I never saw them again but soon the Veddek and I were helping each other much. She suggested I join the Maquis and play the double agent. I laughed but heard her out. She said she would supply me with information to sell to the Gul and that her men would buy my weapons, medicine, and anything else I could get to the planet. We hatched the plan and brought in two other Bajorans so that if anything went wrong I would still have a contact and proof I was not a Cardassian agent.

When I heard about the death of the Pirak family in an explosion with one of my bombs, I knew that we would win this war. The Maquis had created a cell sytem of operating so that no one could identify others and thus the Cardassians could learn little from anyone who might get captured. The cell I was assigned to was the Shakaar cell. My commander was Havaris Shand and his right hand was Nerys. I supplied them with a device called a thermal detonator I had purchased from a wandering trader. Nerys planted a thermal detonator outside the house of Gul Pirak; the resulting explosion vaporized the east wing and killed twelve Cardassians, including Pirak’s entire family. Twenty-three others were crippled. We knew the blast would be large but the ball of plasma was immense.

Rarely a day passes that I don’t think about the occupation. It taught me the horrors of the universe. The Cardassians used biological weapons, chemical weapons, and atomics all across Bajor. They imprisoned people and forced them into slave labor camps. They raped the women, killed the children, and many we never heard from again. The Maquis could be just as ruthless. They tortured, killed, and maimed whenever they could. They attacked Cardassian infrastructure almost daily. Improvised explosives could be hidden anywhere and explode at any time.

I was on the station when I got word of a bombing that was to take place on the Promenade. I decided to save my friend and rival Quark. I went into his bar and told him that I needed to talk in private. After much debate he joined me on a walk down to where my ship was docked. While heading to the ship the explosion rocked the station and killed 13 Cardassians as well as damaging much of Quark’s bar. He ran off and we never finished the talk. I wonder if he even knows that I saved his life.

The Cardassian decided to round up families in the Narjak Province while I was making a delivery. One thing led to another and I found myself in a firefight with 20 Cardassian thugs. I knew if they caught me it would be the end. I grabbed a disruptor from my supplies and charged into battle. I was hit by a blast and thrown to the ground. My head was spinning and I looked up to see the Cardassians near the power generator for the farming equipment. I raised my gun and started shooting. My hands were shaking so bad that I missed every shot. Then I saw a Bajoran Veddek running across the street to save a child that had been injured by the blast. I got to my feet and ran at the Cardassians firing like a madman. I think I may have been screaming obsenities too. My hand were shaking so bad I though for certain I would drop the gun but then one of my shots hit the generator. It exploded and vaporized the entire platoon of Cardassians. I dropped the gun and stood there looking at what I had done. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Did I really do that? I realized that the Bajorans were chanting my name and cheering for me. From that day onward they called me “The Liquidator” when I came back to that provence. The nicname became a bit of a joke with the real resistance fighters but stories of how I took out an entire platoon in a firefight armed with only a disruptor pistol spread throughout Bajor. Do you know, everytime I pick up a gun my hand begins to shake. I can’t explain it but it is like my hand is remembering that horrible day.

Gul Dukat would have me grabbed by the soldiers every few weeks and then I would sell him the information the Veddek gave me. Some of the information was good, all of it true, but rarely was it complete. The way Dukat would stare at you like he could see into your soul was unnerving. I often thought that he knew I was playing him and still I pressed on. I think he respected me for lying to his face with a smile. He’s dead now so I’ll never know. When he died, I actually cried. I missed our drinks and games of the mind. He truly was a worthy opponent.

When Quark got into the weapons trade we became intense rivals. Sure we would have a drink or meal together but it was only so we could gloat about business. No outside entity other than Quark and me were brave enough to test the Cardassians. It must be because we are Ferengi. We understand that it doesn’t matter who you serve so long as you benefit from the transaction. It wasn’t until late during the occupation that others got involved. People like Hagath and Quark’s cousin Gaila. I realized something about the occupation when Hagath got involved. The Bajorans were going to win and having a government owe you a favor is worth more than a chest full of latinum.

Nerys came to me in 2368 with a plan that required my ship. I agreed when I heard the details. The Cardassians interned entire families of Bajorans in labor camps for various purposes, the most common of which was to mine ore and other valuable resources. Conditions at these camps were so harsh that every Bajoran knew assignment to a labor camp was essentially a death sentence. The occupational government (Bajoran sellouts), however, continued to fulfil the Cardassians’ requests for new laborers throughout the occupation.

The most notorious of these camps was the Gallitep labor camp, where Gul Darhe’el ruled with an iron fist and routinely ordered his men to kill the laborers. Believing that their actions were justified in the name of the greater glory of Cardassia, men such as Darhe’el were responsible for turning the occupation into full-blown genocide.

Nerys’s plan was to attack the Gallitep labor camp and free hundreds of prisoned. We went in with thirty of the finest Bajorans I have ever known. At first all went well but quickly things turned bad. The Cardassians seemed to know we were coming and they opened up on us with their weapons. Everyone but Nerys and myself died. She was dragged off, raped, beaten, and raped some more. They even had her family imprisoned as well. Samak rescued her before the occupation ended but I wouldn’t see her again until the Cardassians left Bajor.

As for me, I was given over to Dr. Crell Moset, a vile doctor who experimented on people for curiousity. Haa, you’ve heard of him. Of course you have; he created the cure for the Fostossa Virus. Do you know he discovered it? Well I will tell you. He injected hundreds of people with the virus and studied it until he found a cure. I was one of those people. Now Moset was fascinated by me and I think that is why I never got killed. He would perform all kinds of genetic experiments on me and my body survived them. By Federation standars what was done to me was nothing more than extreme torture. I thank the makers that I was genetically modified as a child or I would surely have died. It was this experience that made me realize I needed to improve my body further. To take it to the extremes that could be accomplished.

Back on Cardassia the occupation was losing the opinion war and the politicians started to talk of a truce. The Maquis continued to attack, and every time they executed an attack, the Cardassians tightened their grip, and each time this happened, more Bajorans joined the cause. It would take many years and many deaths, but eventually the Cardassians would be forced to leave Bajor.

When I was released I was treated as a war hero. In the Hall of Heroes on Bajor you will find my statue along with those of the many great Bajorans who fought the Cardassians.

The Cardassian Occupation

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