The Browncoats

During the dawn of their new galaxy, the Alliance sought to bring all colonized worlds under its control. The Independent faction demanded the outer worlds remain autonomous, and resisted Alliance control. The war raged for several years until the Alliance emerged victorious. An armistice was signed between the Alliance and the Independent faction, thus ending the war and securing Alliance control over the entirety of the systems.

The Alliance has recorded very little regarding the Independents, aliased as ‘Browncoats’ post-war, into historical records. Browncoats have used this to their advantage, allowing for identity-forgery, stealth and compromised underground activity. The Browncoats strength is derived from their mobility, a network of Megacorp crime lords, and sympathetic ex-Independence loyalists. A resilient faction, Browncoats can outflank superior tactical advantage through coersion, trickery, and deceit, making for excellent job runners and smugglers.

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The Browncoats

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