The Brethern

The Brethern was founded by Jennifer ‘Honeytits’ Campbell, a former porn actress, in the year 2057. She and her fans reached back to classical religions for ideas. They found religion of Ishtar /Astarthe/ Astaroth a goddess of fertility and love.

Ms. Campbell, of course, used mainly the sexual aspects in her infamous book ‘To Heaven by Sex’, which became the basis for the cult’s ideology. The methods of worship were based on the excessive amount of energy that can be produced by sexual activities. Most of cult’s rituals were worked out by Ms. Campbell.

It is unknown, whom the name ‘Succubi’ was given by but it is a fact the cult was called by it even in Campbell’s lifetime. The followers section in Bristol managed to develop the way of using sperm for magical purposes around mid 2080. Scientist cannot really explain how this method works exactly – likely by freeing up some kind molecular energy by spiritual ways.
The followers gather semen and use it to create mogical concoctions that can be consumed during rituals. Using current scientific equipment for examination, the potion seems to be mere human seed. But, followers gain energy by drinking it.This energy is given direction by cult spells and has a subconscious effect upon victims who are cast upon, usually manipulating sexual behavior.

The other way the cult uses sperm is making ‘magical charges’, which is also managed by some bless-chanting – it forms a liquid fuel cell type thing. With several electrical and mechanical accessories they construct ‘wands’ which use these charges as fuel and can cause massive electrical injuries within a certain distance. Examinations showed no special feature of this charge except a significant raise in its magnetic field.

Most religions view the Brethern as nothing more than a perversion of faith but the members of the Brethern work in every aspect of society, practicing their faith in secret. On many remote colonies, the Brethern have gained immense power. Strange as it may be the Brethern has gained an immense following on Vulcan where the sexual rituals are combined with the teachings of the Kohlinar with amazing and unexpected results.

The Five Vials of the Brethern

* Co-Operation – Brethern members work together to achieve common goals.
* Openness – The Brethern is non elitist…it is open to all of similar views.
* Vengeance – Brethern members are vengeful…a wrong done to one member is a wrong done to all.
* Energy – Brethern members value sexual energy in most forms. Brethern members scorn any moral code which would limit sexual activity between consenting adults. The Brethern meet regularly for exotic initiation rites and dark and mysterious sexual orgies.
* Non-Violence – Brethern members deplore violence in all forms, except in cases of self defense and vengeance.

The above tenets of the Brethern are said to be represented by five vials of magical potions… each rumored to bestow strange and powerful sexual powers. Each vial is worth a king’s ransom and the locations of these artifacts has been lost for centuries.

The Brethern believe that divinity is found within but one must listen to the song of the universe and allow it to guide you towards a divine state. Procreation is the greatest gift one can give another and the Brethern rarely turn down offers of sex.

The Brethern

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