Thanos's Personal log - Episode 48

Insanity is what this is. I have waited for 59 of the 60 minutes and it is time to go but what should I do? My freinds went into the room to try to find the controls but if they fail everything blows up. I am not a coward but I don’t think I should wait any longer. It is time to pop away and write Karr, Matt, and Cutter off. Grrrrrr… Maybe I should review the day’s events.

We got through dealing with the land of future sins and with the help of Karr’s engineering tricks managed to get back to Karr’s Mother. She tells us that the space station in orbit is powering up its main weapon. Matt started freaking out and I couldn’t understand why until he pointed out that the space station in orbit was the Deathstar. Now I am freaking too. We popped back to the Heart of Gold and Cutter called his ship. I was shocked when the ship responded with data about what was going on. All of Cutters crew was dead except for the big turtle dude and he was with us.

The girl on his ship turned out to be HECATE and she told us that the Deathstar was powering up to fire at the other super space station. We figured that was the Puppetteers but she said that it was another, bigger and badder, Deathstar. The bigger Deathstar fired and the smaller Deathstar was destroyed. When did those fraking turtleshells get another Deathstar and why were the two of them fighting.

While everyone was freaking out, HECATE came aboard and offered assistance. She demanded DNA from everyone on board and then she did some surgery shit to Karr and hooked him up with a new hand and eye. During the course of these things we discovered that chick Katrina was an identical match to Karr on the DNA level but had different chromosones or some other BS like that. HECATE told us that the red Bat’leth key thingy was on the station and she offered to mod out a tricorder to detect it. We would later discover that she didn’t do it right.

Did I mention the Super Star Destoryer and the armada that was traveling with it.All I could think about was the 6 million Chuck Norris Emperors and that maybe we should have let Alyr and Matt kill them all.

Thats about when Matt came up with a plan. We boosted the heart of Gold out to space and poppped a sector away. Then me, Matt, Karr, and Alyr used my transit stone to pop back to the Star Forge. After a talk with Karr’s mother we went through another of those temporal doors and met some ancient Klingon hero, Kallos or Kallus or something like that. Matt shot him down like a punk. Then the volcano erupted and we nearly died but as time was almost done a loud voice sounded and said, “I’m bored, lets do this again.” The we arrived on top of the volcano again but now there was two Kallus’s. Cutter took up the challenge to fight them when some misty hologram appeared and walked with Cutter as he engaged. The hologram let loose with lightning and fried one of the Kallus’s. Then Cutter started beating on the other one and used some kind of magic to rip the guys guts out. Cutter looked evil, he looked almost possessed of anger and hatred. Cutter took a batleth from the dude and gave it to Karr and then Karr just up and out of nowhere started trying to kill Cutter. Cutter flew up in the air out of reach. Then Karr’s new Batleth burst into flames. Karr started screaming but wouldn’t let go. He was screaming some Klingon garbage about winning and being honorable. We all know that Karr has no honor so it was kind of funny to watch but the smell of his flesh burning was getting on my nerves.

Finally Karr tossed the blade aside. Cutter flew down and made good with him. Then Matt suggested breaking the damned thing. I think that is when all hell broke loose. As they shot the blade it exploded into a dozen pieces. Karr looked sad and not to sure of himself.


We were back in the Star Forge and Karr’s mom was telling us the entire place had entered a self destruct mode because Karr failed some kind of test. Karr started yelling at her asking about control rooms and she started sounding off the count down. Then Karr ran through the last of the temporal doors. Cutter followed. I told Matt I would wait for 59 minutes and then pop away using my transit stone. Karr’s mother shouted a warning that if they failed all would die. Does she mean all of them or everyone everywhere? I am soo confused my head hurts. I think it is time to pop.

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 48

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